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  1. @Ivana Marinac @MED-EL Moderator Thank you for your reply. I have mixed loss. I had recurring cholesteatoma in both ears when I was young. My ear canal in my right ear was closed off, so a traditional hearing aid was not an option for that ear. I have very little hearing in that ear as well. I had about 50 % loss in my left ear and wore a traditional hearing aid in that ear for close to 40 years. I managed very well. This past summer I got very sick and lost the hearing that I had in my left ear almost completely. I also now have tinnitus in my left ear. A traditional hearin
  2. Hi Steven, I have also experienced similar results. I have pretty profound loss in both ears, and until recently, I've been able to wear a traditional hearing aid in my better ear and could manage very well. This is no longer an option due to middle ear complications. I was implanted in December and activated (Samba processor) in January on one side. I will need to get the other side done as well. While I can certainly hear better since activation, I, too, am finding it nearly impossible when there is any background noise at all to understand speech. I am also struggling with the
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