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  1. Hello! My 5 and a half year old son wears two Resound Hearing Aids. He will be implanted in May on one side (to start). Currently, at school, he uses a multimic Resound microphone which works very well with bluetooth, in order to hear the teacher well. Very easy to use. I wonder what will be possible as a microphone when he has the implant on one side (Med El, if we choose this brand) and on the other his Resound HA. I know it would be easier to take a Cochlear implant since we could continue to use the Resound microphone, but for some reasons we want to choose Med El. I admit that I do not understand the solutions proposed and I am worried about the school. Thanks
  2. I'm new here. My son has auditory neuropathy. He is 5 and a half years old. He wears hearing aids but will be implanted on one side in May 2020. Great stress for me! Happy to chat here!
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