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  1. I started with the OPUS1 then the OPUS2. I currently use the Sonnet 1 processor. Yes I do have my original internal implant still.
  2. Rochester Institute of Technology/National Institute for the Deaf
  3. I am from Columbus, Ohio! I used to attend college in upstate New York!
  4. Hello all! I had no idea that there was a community for active Med-El users until I ordered the AudioKey/AudioLink recently. I was born profoundly deaf in both ears with sensorineural hearing loss. My parents and relatives did not know that I had any sort of hearing loss until the age of three. (They thought I had a speech impediment issue and could be fixed with speech therapy.) A year later, I was given hearing aids in both ears and it did not do much for me. I needed a device that's more powerful and that did not just amplify sound. My parents battled for a few years on whether o
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