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  1. Thanks! Will give it a try.
  2. Hi Lori, Yah, know what you mean: like robots talking under water. I kept wearing mine( well, most of the time) and eventually it started sounding pretty normal. I'm still in the first year. Can you adjust the sound if it feels too loud? Your CI should have come with a "remote control" so try using it to turn it down a bit, then over time, turn it up, so you really get use to sounds. Shocking isn't it, to hear all those noises! It will soon feel like a miracle. Good luck and stay well!
  3. I lost my Rhondo2 and spent a crazed couple of weeks, running around posting "lost" signs, checking stores , pacing up and down the dog park, (pre-covic 19) etc. I finally found it: because it has a magnet, it attached to an old metal item I'd been carrying and never thought to check. Whew! But now I'm totally paranoid about losing it (especially with a face mask) and not wearing it. Tsk, I know, ....and of course having others cover their mouths...staying home mostly. But here is part of the problem: I lost one of the little plastic leashes to attach it to my hair, which worked fi
  4. Yes, interested, if captions could be arranged! (I'm a mushwit when it comes to computers so hope this will work. )
  5. Love some of the SkinIts, but they are not making the shape that fits the Rhondo 2. I wrote them requesting it and hope other people do too, so they realize there is a market!
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