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  1. Thanks @Mary Beth I've been known to write then and again in various capacities...(an oldie, but I'm particularly proud of this since it's one of the few things I've publicly written. Seems most of the images have long since gone to the digital by and by...) http://www.notebookreview.com/notebookreview/dell-inspiron-1420-user-review/
  2. Real quick update, this has been a crazy busy day. I was activated today on my left. So far so good. As with my right my audi is pumping the power for me more than one would typically expect. It's a bit disorienting as now I've got the higher pitched sound in my left ear and the more normal sounding sound in my right. It really puts into stark contrast just how far my right ear has come in these few short months. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like the left at this time is having the same benefit to my tinnitus as the right did, so that's a little bit of a bummer. I'm hopeful that specifically
  3. @Mary Beth @KittKatz Sure thing. So unfortunately it's not something that an end user would be able to manage on their own; this is a setting in Maestro. On the main screen at the screen edge for the appropriate ear (the screen is shown as you're facing the patient so left ear is on the right of the screen and vice versa) there is a graphical representation of the CI processor and a small circle with a downward pointing arrow in it. Below this is your maps. Clicking the arrow reveals a couple of additional option buttons as shown below. If one clicks "Remote control" it'll show the o
  4. All, during this chat one of our members expressed an issue they were having with their new Sonnets and Fine Tuner Echo. I don't remember who specifically that was Did that get resolved since? I experienced the same during my 2nd processor fitting today and know how to resolve it if not.
  5. @tmscarlett10 @Megan L. https://www.gallaudet.edu/asl-connect-education/asl-summer-residency-program
  6. @tmscarlett10 I'd also like to take some in person course. Gallaudet offers, or would in a normal year, an immersive adult ASL "camp" in the summer time. Since I'm here in the metro it'd be awesome to participate in that someday.
  7. @tmscarlett10 @Megan L. I concur with Lifeprint; Mr. Vicars' YouTube channels put out content multiple times a week if not daily ranging from beginner to fairly advanced concepts. I also watch ASL Meredith and Signed with Heart. But I'm definitely newer to this than anyone in this thread thus far so take that for what you will. https://www.youtube.com/c/billvicars https://www.youtube.com/c/ASLMeredith https://www.youtube.com/c/signedwithheart
  8. @Mary Beth Things are fine. I'm a little bummed I missed Sunday. I was sitting on the couch Sunday morning and I felt like I was being lazy so I went out to wash our Miata, which I've never done myself. It took a while. Externally I'm all healed up though to be fair I'm still even at this point a little swollen. My glasses are still uncomfortable, but this isn't too much a surprise (and I wear my contacts during the day anyway). Since I finished with the Bacitracin I've been wearing my hearing aid again. It gives me a little bit of balance but it's much quieter now. I'm honestly not sure
  9. @tmscarlett10 We have an All-Clad wafflemaker that my parents gifted us last Christmas. I swear I put the one with the removable plates so they can go in the dishwasher but alas, we got the one without. It's not too big a deal though. I will say with the recipe I posted our wafflemaker has to be cranked to 6/7 on the heat dial. They come out perfect this way. I was very conservative initially with the heat but found the only way to get the crisp exterior was to crank it. If you prefer a softer exterior then that could be fine though. @Mary Beth I will check out that recipe. Thanks! O
  10. @Mary Beth @David Do you mean like a landline phone? I haven't had a landline in eleven years. Sorry
  11. @tmscarlett10 the November 6th post from your link there shows cheddar biscuits. Gimme! LOL. I was jonesing a bit but we stopped by one of our local bakeries last night, the one that makes a Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich on a cheddar biscuit, and grabbed a bunch. I had one for breakfast. Yum. I have a fantastic waffle recipe. It's not mine, I found it online, but it is fantastic. You just have to be comfortable making meringue, or at least the hard part of beating egg whites to firm peaks. https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2009/02/sunday-brunch-the-greatest-waffle-recipe-ever.html
  12. @tmscarlett10 You'll totally ship stuff frozen for a friend right? I need some of those cheddar biscuits. Mm... 😁
  13. Ah ha, exactly what I thought @MED-EL Moderator I can't help but notice that there's an AudioStream menu in the new app...Any news along those lines that can be shared?
  14. @Mary Beth Appears to be linking the buttons between sides is my guess (they're definitely stylized links in a chain). I hadn't seen the app was out, will have to check it out later. Weird that the FDA PMA database hasn't been updated yet to reflect this. The initial release of AudioKey is listed in there so wonder why this isn't?
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