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  1. @Watersail It makes it 7mm longer per the dimensions shown on the website compared to a Sonnet 2 with the standard battery (51.4mm with micro, 56.7mm with standard, 63.7mm with Audiostream). https://www.medel.com/hearing-solutions/cochlear-implants/sonnet2 https://www.medel.com/hearing-solutions/accessories/connectivity/audiostream
  2. @Mary Beth Ew Facebook...I don't have an account. I actually did use the TVB for a video call today. I took it from my desktop to my laptop, just using the internal battery so as not to have to pull my desk out and disconnect the USB cable. It worked just fine once the other party got his audio working. I prefer the 100/0; this morning when I was on our standup I left my implant on MT so that I could get some outside sound as we were prepping for furniture people to arrive. Problem is when someone is talking in my left ear and then I have the MT on I have no intelligibility at all of
  3. So I have a question for my compatriots with the Artone 3 Max. I have noticed that sometimes while I'm on a call it will start double beeping (doot doot) every now and again for seemingly no reason. Today we were having furniture delivered, and I had my phone in my pocket and was going back and forth from our living room to our bedroom and I noticed that every time I went in the bedroom it would start doing the double beep. Does anyone know what this might be? The lights don't change when it starts doing this. I am not receiving texts or e-mails. It's not from battery charge as that's a differ
  4. phobos512

    Rondo 3!

    Rondo 3's been through the US FCC... https://fccid.io/VNP-ME1550
  5. @Mary Beth Or like me suffering through teleconferences all day long lol
  6. Hm...I wonder what you mean by "the louder you switch your music source or phone"... I do hope there's a way to cut the external mic when streaming. I can't concentrate on the folks speaking on the phone if I can hear external sound too (that's always been a problem for me, before the CI).
  7. I know it's nothing official but it seems like news seems to pop-up about new stuff about 30-60 days prior to it being granted FDA approval (comparing when forum threads were started for Audiolink, Sonnet 2, Rondo 3, etc. to the FDA approval database). So...more hmm....
  8. @Mary Beth I could swear I'd discussed that accessory deferral with my audiologist but I might have been confused as looking back at our e-mail conversations about accessory choice there's nothing about not making one. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. @Mary Beth So with my former hearing aids I didn't find that streaming made much of a difference in battery life (I've only streamed once with my Enzo Q and it was so terrible I've only been using the Artone since then, which is better anyway since it's stereo). I just wonder because of the size of the Audiostream (it adds 7 mm to the height of a Sonnet 2 with the standard battery like I use), particularly for folks with older processors that may not be as power efficient, if there's any room in there for a new battery. Even an extra hour would be worth it. But honestly, with no bigger battery
  10. Oh yes oh yes this is awesome I can't wait! I wonder if there's an extended battery to go with it? Bluetooth transceivers can be tiny, look at the USB dongles they have for desktop computers. There's a new version of the Audiokey (2) app as well, but it's not currently available in the US on the Play Store. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.medel.audiokey2
  11. I have one. Works as intended; haven't had any issues with it.
  12. Hope to be able to make next month; I was in the middle of installing new thermostat/unpacking so thought it prudent to continue that at the time.
  13. Had my second mapping session today. Basically just turned everything up, and now have four new programs to try and get used to. Possible I won’t be able to get to them all; simply depends on what kind of stimulation I need I guess. I am in the low 30s on power input which is reasonably high I guess, particularly at this point. We did a little time in the sound booth as well; I am detecting sound in the 20-25 dB range depending on frequency. We also did some word repetition; I got some, missed some. She was speaking the words with her mouth covered (though I was looking at the floor of the boo
  14. So it's interesting... I was looking at the old temperature records for the DC region a few weeks back and I noticed that they previous longest high temperature streaks (tied, same duration) were in 1980, the year I was born, and 1988, year my wife was born. We had a new record here in 2020 and we're going to have our son later this year and well... Sorry folks, it's our fault
  15. Fortunately they're on the FCC's website Though of course they may be out of date. I wanted to add, after reviewing Med-El's website I did see a suggestion to try the "BT Mono" app on Android, and while I do get a warning starting it the first time that it was designed to work with earlier versions of Android, it does work just fine to activate streaming. I just have to pick up a Play Store gift card to get the "pro" version for widget functionality, since I had such a snafu with Google and my credit card a little over a year ago and I refuse to now give them another one.
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