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  1. I don't know why hearing or not hearing would have an impact on enjoying the ride. The deaf are allowed to drive and ride. One just has to learn how to pick up their other sensors (visual) to maintain situational awareness (and your head should always be on a swivel on a bike anyway). All that said, you might look into helmets that have replaceable padding for comfort. You might also want to look into a BTE processor where the coil is on a cable, such that you can put the processor itself in a jacket pocket and have the coil itself on under your helmet (which would still probably take som
  2. First activation it was musical when my audiologist was speaking. It was like bells. On the way home I was able to pick out a few words on the radio. Listening to audiobooks and YouTube and movies with which I am familiar it quickly resolved into speech, but quiet. After a few adjustments I do pretty well on the tests but I still feel like I have difficulty with clarity in real life (realistically it's only been six months since the first and not three from the second so I have a loooong way to go). My last appointment which was my first follow-up with my left ear we did some frequency adjustm
  3. @Megan L. Glad the activation went well and you are already able to distinguish sounds and speech already. I decided I'm going to randomize all my usernames online and since this is a rare place that actually allows one to change it, I did so. I used DiceWare to pick my name here and various other places and then modified slightly until I found something amusing. https://diceware.dmuth.org/ (I just demonstrated to my wife and it came up with "unvocaltadpole" lol) For me it continues to be a learning process. I recognize I need to practice more but I have the easy excuse of
  4. @Richard G Does the Rondo 3 not come with the Fine Tuner Echo? One FTE can work on bilateral devices.
  5. Reddit is a lot like Mos Eisley - "Never has there been a more wretched hive of scum and villainy; we must be cautious" - or the part of an ancient map that says "Here there be Dragons". As long as you know that, you'll be fine.
  6. I have seen old processors for sale on eBay in my wanderings. I've also seen solicitations on Reddit of folks looking to find older processors because they lack the ability to upgrade.
  7. Yes, that Cochlear spends the most on marketing Obviously none of us can see the future but none of these companies are going anywhere.
  8. @Mary Beth Maybe I'm missing something. I sure hope that the AudioStream doesn't require something other than the standard- or micro-sized rechargeable or standard dual zinc-air battery frame. It would be a big detriment to be incompatible with all the batteries folks are likely to already have in hand.
  9. A different battery? That's not ideal... Do we know if the AudioStream requires any setup beyond whatever device syncing and AudioKey 2 app setup is required, i.e. the help of one's audiologist?
  10. @Dave in Pittsburgh so you can try each one and see which you like more, or to have options for different situations.
  11. @Kylie Can you say how much a standard battery is in the AU store? Curious as a basis for comparison. $175 on US store (xe.com/ucc says that's 143 Euro, 129 GBP, 230 AUD).
  12. Evening everyone, have a question. I'm wondering if anyone (probably US focused question though) has experience with changing insurance policies post-CI, and if there were any issues getting coverage for, example, parts or mapping sessions? Since we just had our first child we will be changing insurance; options are to change mine and cancel my wife's, change my wife's and cancel mine, or worst case change my wife's, not to family but to a +1, and keep mine as-is (most expensive). We'd be with the same provider in any case, but I am concerned about challenges getting future coverage?
  13. @tmscarlett10 Yeah the site was down for a portion of a day; it seems now to be running a different version of the forum software or something like that (the favicon has changed). Things are going well. Haven't had any synchronicity challenges, though I'll say now after a few days with the adjustments the left is still quieter, though it's closer (and I have progressive maps to work with again). @Megan L. Wishing you the best for tomorrow, hope everything goes smoothly.
  14. I didn't have vertigo but I was definitely dizzy after both surgeries. Onset was about a day or two, not immediately. Took about two weeks to resolve for me in each case.
  15. That all depends on what kind of mood he's in. If he's recently eaten then he can be a helper, but if he's cranky, well, let's just say I don't need to learn how to hear him crying. He has a powerful set of lungs this little one, and he uses them. But this afternoon he was sitting peacefully in my lap while I listened to YouTube (Natural Particle Accelerators on SciShow).
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