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  1. Marybeth, maybe the moderator has an update for us about a stronger leash for rondos. Also I know you asked for updates from Med el on this but customer service said the “new” rondo hair clip was rolled out maybe around January, so curious that we didn’t hear about it sooner. if anyone hears or sees any news on hair clips, please let us all know! does anyone know if another brand of hearing device has something that can be useful, or even a homemade idea. Tia
  2. Lori m

    Rondo 3!

    Marybeth it was your suggestion about using noise in YouTube that helped me at last visit! my Audi was not up on this idea, but when I suggested it, she called the company rep and had made a couple useful new programs for me in 10 minutes. then I asked for rep to be at next mapping, also a suggestion here. Thank you all!
  3. Lori m

    Rondo 3!

    Multiple conversations around me at work are impossible and made worse by the background hum of equipment and sometimes music. Even without noise, i cannot hear words unless the speaker is near me. restaurants are always difficult, helped a bit by roger. road noise while in a car still a problem too. while I’m on a roll, why do ear doctors and hearing aid/ cochlear implant companies use loud and painful music in their phone systems? If we must have noise while on hold, could we take the volume down to at least similar to volume of human voices on the same call? thank you for listening, and does anyone know how it will work to get upgrade at 1 year in with CI?
  4. Lori m

    Rondo 3!

    Thank you Mary Beth. My life really needs management of background noise. I’m hoping for great things with rondo 3
  5. So about the new rondo 2 hair clip: the leash is the same as before, and the hair clip has changed ! I’m like you, believing that a different leash is needed. med el customer service says that the leash should break less now, because of the different style clip. not so at my house, cause the new clip won’t be used, ever.
  6. Has anyone ordered new hair clips for rondo 2 lately? i did and find the new design totally useless. The “clip” is so tiny that my female fingers cannot work it. Even if my fingers could use it, it appears to be able to clip onto about 4 human hairs. who thinks that sounds fun when the magnet lets loose? so the backup plan is to reuse my current rondo2 hair clip with new leashes, that are sold separately. i keep trying to find directions on how to attach, or even any person at med el to describe it on a call. I have not found either source yet on this. any advice for us? t y in advance
  7. Lori m

    Rondo 3!

    Do we know if rondo 3 will hear better in noise than rondo2? also will it have a better security attachment? thank you
  8. Oh heavens, no windows are down. The noise of tires on the road kills me! I could never enjoy having the windows down. Just trying to get the car radio connected directy into my rondo 2, so that I can try to listen to the radio with the "T" feature on the med el remote control device, which would have the advantage of keeping the road noise out of the rondo 2 microphone. Thx to all.
  9. Hello, I am very interested in the comment about mapping help with wind noise! Is it the rondo 2 that had improvement with wind noise? I’m i using rondo 2 thank you (maybe it would help with hair noise too.....)
  10. Thank you Mary Beth for the idea. Does anyone else have any tips for car radio usage? Thank you Lori
  11. Hello med el users, is there anyway to get my car radio sounds directly into my rondo? i failed with the “headphone jack” idea. thank you all
  12. Hello Med el users. I am still on the new side with c.i. i am trying to use my roger select in my car by plugging it into headphone jack to listen to car radio directly into my c.i. I am using the necklace link and using T button on the remote control fine tuner. no radio sounds are heard. What might I be doing wrong? thank you all
  13. That is awesome, I also had to figure out my own way to put the new leash on and I also used thread with a needle to guide it through the tiny places. Yes I am one of many who wonders why the hair clip and the shirt clip are both awkward and not optimal. I might do the shirt clip more often if it weren’t so doggone uncomfortable in it’s design. Thank you very much for your comment
  14. I also am waiting to see if my insurance will cover new rondo 2 leashes. I found it challenging to attach the new leash to the supplied hair clip. There has got to be a way to design a better hair clip. also I saw suggestion that rondo 2 picks up less hair noise if it’s turned upside down . Trying that also makes using the hair clip challenging
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