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  1. So my son does not complain about a loss of connection to either of his processors with the AudioLink. He reports that he hears whatever he's streaming but with scratching noises still. We went to see our audiologist in St Louis, MO and she created a separate program to use only with the AudioLink (decreased all levels of sensitivity and we turned down sensitivity on the AudioLink as well) It worked!! No scratching noises. My son used it for 10 hours straight on the drive home (to Canada). He was beyond excited. He did have the AudioLink clipped to his seatbelt strap for the drive. I didn't th
  2. Thanks for the info Mary Beth!!! Just wondering if Medel reimbursed you then? I'm a bit disappointed with this. Also, does the neck loop have to be worn around the neck? My son will never wear a neck loop. He would rather go without than stand out even more than he already does lol. He's more of a "load up your pockets" kinda guy, also it's more for him to have to care for. The AudioLink seemed so perfect.
  3. Hello I am new to Hear Peers and have a 15 year old son with bilateral CIs. He’s been implanted for over 10 years. We upgraded his processors from Opus 2s to Sonnet 1 about three years ago. I was wondering if anyone has experienced a “scratchy” noise while using the AudioLink? He uses Roger system by Phonak during the school year, so we decided to purchase the AudioLink to stream through his phone etc...for summer. He’s complaining about scratchy noises while streaming. We downloaded the A2DPblocker app to go completely wireless and still he’s experiencing the scratchy noises. He hates it. I
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