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  1. Thank you so much for your answer. I am so happy that you can hear well even in this condition. My question is were you deaf all life? and if so untill the c.i you used only sign language?
  2. I dont know other family with child like this.usually either they have both side implanted but very rarely someone with one side implanted and the other still deaf.
  3. Hi. Thank you for the reply .There is someone that comes to us but she is not doing much .and the problem is that we stay in a foreign country before his birth and i dont know so well the language and we should learn first the language better and then sign language .i dont know what to do .i dont know in what language to speak with him anymore.
  4. Hello. I am the mother of 2 year old child who was born deaf. He had an c.i implant last year but only on one side because the other side the nerve its too damaged. He doesnt seem to react much .do you hear something with just one side?
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