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  1. Thank you Mary Beth. It’s been a long journey to get to this point after two failed surgeries which also left me with a debilitating Vestibular disorder. I’m slowly recovering from that and am ready to get back on to my hearing journey. Thanks for the warm welcome 😊
  2. Hello. I have been told that a Bonebridge is a good option for me and am in the process of going ahead with the surgery. In the meantime I am wearing a bone conduction softband ( and BTE aid in the other ear). I understand that the technology is different ( that sound is not pushed through the skin/fat etc with the BB) and the softband really only gives you an idea of bone conduction is helpful to you ( especially as you loose some sound quality as it passes through your skin and fat with a soft) but I am curious to hear if it is a significant difference- I understand that we are all different and can expect different results but would love to hear from you and your experience comparing the softband to the Bonebridge. Thank you very much for any replies 😊- Sarah
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