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  1. Ernie


    the problem checking with anyone is cov1 19, My next apt is in August
  2. I have the Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor Is this ok I do not see it listed anywhere
  3. Ernie


    Thank you for the comeback I have short hair but want to know do you shave the circle area where it implant goes I have cut it with a small clippers and the next day have to do it again
  4. Ernie


    I saw Beth that you came back but the computer burped and I lost you and I am very interested in talking to you
  5. Ernie


    Thanks for the come back No the swelling so completely gone The surgeon is amazed at my progress. At 2 weeks I was ready for my processor and the minute they put it own I could hear and understand everything and everyone O my processor is a nucleus 7. I am interested in the hair cut problem
  6. I was suppose to get my implant 1 April and got is 16 June thanks to the pandemic. When I go to the surgeon we email the office we are it the parking lot and when they are ready for us they message back I put on the mask and go in. This work so well I hope they keep up this even after the pandemic is over. At the audiologist You walk in and sit and wait. What I do like is they wear see through mask. Wow does that help.
  7. I am deaf because on shooting ranges. My work for 30 years. When I started no one know much about hearing protection. I have done a lot of studding on this and I will only tell you what I do. I wear the muff type. That way I protect my normal ear and it does not hurt anything to cover the implant side . O of course I remove the processor. Better save that sorry. I have ask the same question and everyone has a different answer. What I do know is I am going to protect the normal ear and just In case The other one also. It would be hell to have to have the implant remover and replaced. so I will
  8. Hello I have had my implant for 4 weeks and I what to know what people do for a haircut. Do you shave the area where the processor goes or use Nair or what. Now my wife curs it with hair clippers everyday, If not it falls off 60 times a day. does some one make a shaver that just shaves a round area the size of a half dollar. I cut out a piece of plastic and when my wife is ready to cut my hair. I put on the cochlear processor and mare sure it is in the right place. She then puts the plastic cut out around it and removes the processor . and cuts everything in the circle with a small clipper. T
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