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  1. Thanks for all that information Mary Beth...I'm terrible with electronics, but is my new normal so I'll have to figure it out.Thank you so much!!!☺
  2. Hi Mary Beth,thanks in advance...I'm using Me-del.HELP!!!
  3. Hello everyone,I'm fully aware of the fact that my CI is fairly new...with that said,I simply cannot have a proper telephone conversation because even on speaker phone (at it's highest level)I can only understand about 5-10% maybe less.I'll be forever grateful if anyone could give me some good news.This plays a SIGNIFICANT ROLE IN MY INDEPENDENCE!!!!
  4. For awhile I was extremely angry,there are no words.Needless to say I had to personify my hearing loss as an individual who deserted me when I needed them the most.By so doing,FORGIVENESS had to come into play....followed by ACCEPTANCE.I am very anxious to hear about the coping mechanisms of you guys,my new extended family!!!!!☺
  5. Hi Mary Beth,my CI was done February this year and activated in March of this....in my left ear.I got totally deaf in both ears.The model is MEDEL.I must say my rehab has been negatively impacted by the pandemic.Last Monday I had rehab since April.So I'm still learning!!!Thanks Mary Beth!!!/CI whisperer!,
  6. Thanks!!you guys for responding....when I became deaf one of the very first things I thought about was music,in fact I STILL DO.One of the greatest things is that the tunes still lives in my head!!!I'm not giving up...things will change somehow.Thanks again!!!
  7. Hi,I recently got CI in my left ear (was completely deaf)in both ears....my problem is I cannot hear the phone(home phone)clearly....not even 30%clarity and not only that the television poses a problem too!!HELP!!!!!!
  8. My tinnitus began immediately after my hearing loss (both ears).Unfortunately it is extremely loud...all the times only when I'm sleeping I get a freaking break.It's like a roaring river,my processor doesn't eliminate or calm it down.To me my tinnitus issues is worse than being deaf....cause there's no cure apparently!!
  9. Hello everyone,guess I'm the newest member in town!!!Anyways,this may seem like not much of a problem to others but for me not being able to enjoy music is undoubtedly one of my biggest problem.....music gives me peace of mind,joy and happiness.If anyone has that same issue..NOT HEARING MUSIC CLEARLY with cochlear implant I'll be happy to her from you!!!
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