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  1. David V

    Rondo 3!

    Yes, thanks for answering my questions, Mary.
  2. David V

    Rondo 3!

    The Rondo 3 sounds very interesting - and makes me glad I waited to upgrade from the original Rondo. A have a couple of questions about this device: A. I understand the charge on it will last 24 hours. My question is, if the Rondo 3 is totally out of power, how long will it take to charge it to 100% power? B. Is the Rondo 3 able to connect directly to my android cellphone - either thru bluetooth or some other way? C. I have seen this statement by the Moderator: "RONDO 3 does not have an integrated telecoil. However, telecoil adapter comes as an accessory in every user kit." Does that mean my Artone or Quattro will not work with just the Rondo 3? How does a "telecoil adapter" work with the Rondo 3? Thanks. David
  3. David V

    Rondo 3!

    OK - Attempting to join this conversation for the 1st time. I got my 1st CI in December of 2013 and the 2nd in August of 14. I went with the Rondos for both and have loved them. I have not upgraded because I wanted to stick with the Rondos, but did not think the Rondo 2 had enough WOW over the original Rondo - it helped to have had a 2nd Rondo (plus an Opus) for each ear as backup. At any rate, I am really impressed with the Specs on the Rondo 3 and plan upon doing my upgrades when it is released here in the USA. A couple of questions I have relative to the Rondo 3. A. The charge lasts for 24 hours - great!! How long does it take to charge the device if it has totally run out of power? B. Can the Rondo 3 directly connect to my android cell phone via blue-tooth or any other way? C. I get the impression the Rondo 3 will connect with my Smart TV - yes? If the answers to B and C are "Yes", I think this would be just about perfect. Thanks. David
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