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  1. hello, first of all i have to say sorry if my English is not good and if I'm [posting in wrong forum. 2 month ago i had an accustic neuroma surgery which caused i lose my hearing totally in left side. it seems my cochlear and auditory nerve is damaged. before surgery i had a good hearing.and now i also have a loud tinnitus.my whole life changed after surgery and i wish i didn't do that.although my tumor was very large but if i knew what i am going through i would decided to live with tumor risk. anyway I'm trying to find a solution to have better hearing in noisy and loud environments.My Audiologist gave me some options like cros hearing aids and BoneBridge implant, but I'm not sure if it's a good because my hearing loss is sshl and my cochlear will never work again.and i'm not a candidate for cl. i hope someone help me. i am really depressed and i think my life is over
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