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  1. @Jewel do you notice a difference in sound quality between the sonnet and rondo2? Which do u prefer?
  2. @Jewel @Lori m Thank you both for sharing your experiences. Do you mind sharing what electrode type length and processors you use?
  3. @Mary Beth Thanks for the info...i think I’ll reach out for a second/third/fourth (ugh) opinion. Who was your surgeon and audiologist there?
  4. @Mary Beth Yes, I am in NYC region. I was evaluated at Columbia and met with a surgeon/audiologist there. What center do you use?
  5. @Kylie Thanks so much for sharing your experiences! The doctor that told me I wouldn’t like the implant didn’t seem to have much experience with single-sided deafness....the other surgeon and audiologist from Columbia definitely did, so I just wanted to throw that question out there on this forum. Which implant/processor do you have? I am reading through all the different information on the different types trying to figure out what would be best for me... its a bit overwhelming.
  6. Hello - I am new to this forum. I suffered sudden hearing loss from an ear infection while pregnant back in June 2019 at age 35. I had steroids, injections, tried hyperbaric...nothing improved the loss. I waited the recommended year to see if there would be any recovery, which there wasn’t and am not looking into an implant. I have terrible tinnitus, hyperacusis, profound loss in the high frequencies and normal low frequency hearing. A few questions i wanted to send out to this forum... Did anyone have a doctor tell them that an implant would not help due to normal hearing in the oth
  7. Hello - I have severe/profound loss in my right ear that happened suddenly June 2019. I just visited Columbia hospital and meet all criteria for a cochlear implant. Hearing aids don’t help and the cros system makes me feel very overwhelmed and dizzy. My tinnitus is horrific and I am extremely sensitive to loud sounds. I am nervous to go forward with implant as I do have normal low frequency hearing in that ear (though not very helpful) and am told i will probably lose it after implantation. Will an implant really improve my quality of life and reduce tinnitus/sensitivity and ability
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