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  1. tmscarlett10


    Hi, @MED-EL Moderator, I have some questions about the Rondo3. - What accessories are compatible with Rondo3? Is there anything new/different compared to Rondo2? - What does bidirectional microphones mean? - Does the Rondo3 need to be dried at the end of the day, and how do I do this? That is all for now, but I am sure that I will come up with some more. XD Thanks!!
  2. Thank you @Mary Bethand @Megan L.. The more I think about it, the more excited I get. And this website is an absolute life-saver! I can't believe all of the information I'm getting, that I probably wouldn't from my doctor! I love how everybody can be so free about sharing their experiences. And @Megan L., I am almost always shy about my hearing loss. I've been told by so many people, 'Get comfortable with your limitations', but it's a lot easier said than done. And I've been working on it for 20 years, lol.
  3. Hi @Megan L., I am glad you mentioned that you're bimodal, because I am actually considering that. Pending the results of an MRI and CT scan, we can figure out whether or not my left ear is implantable. In the case that if is, i will probably get bilateral; in the case that it is not, then I'm guessing bimodal route. How does it help you with background noise and such? Since my bicross HAs don't help me at all in this area, I'm interested to know how it might work with a CI
  4. Okay, thank you. My surgeon said he'd get all of that information figured out. I'm just concerned now that I'll be paying more than I anticipated. I know it will all be worth it ❤
  5. Hi all. So today's the day I see my surgeon, and we discuss what all is going to happen and all of the details. So excited!!! 😆 Now, for the longest time, I have been told that Medicaid covers implants, and since this is my primary insurance, I had no second thoughts about it. However, something woke me up this morning, telling me to call my insurance company and get the details on exactly what they cover. Here's the thing, THEY COULDN'T TELL ME, because they couldn't find anything related to CIs, only on HAs that only cover children. So, by nature, I'm starting to
  6. Oh! That's really interesting! I will have to find out how many processors my center offers.
  7. Thank you @Jewel, I see a lot of people mentioning they have two rondos or two sonnets, or one of each; but I assumed that they were implanted in both ears. From your comment, I am not thinking that anymore. How is it that you have two processors when you only have one CI? There is a lot that I need to discuss with my surgeon this week
  8. Thank you @Mary Beth, Would you mind explaining this Rondo swap program? As I have not yet been implanted - have an appointment with surgeon this week, but no surgery date yet - maybe I can wait for Rondo3 to come out. I don't even know how long I would have to wait for a surgery date, and since it is already September, and Rondo3 is supposed to come out at the end of this year, I suppose I could wait a few more months if I had to (I've been waiting 20 years, a few more months won't matter). But I am still interested on how this swap program works. It sounds interesting.
  9. I want to know more about Rondo3 please! First time I'm heading about it at all!
  10. Hi there, I see a lot going on here about Rondo2, but I am very particular, so I'm starting a new topic here. Since my first evaluation, I thought I had my head stuck on the Rondo 2. I really want something off the ear, since my ears have long been bothered by the combination of glasses with hearing aids, and now masks! This is, until finding the 'Sonnet2 vs Rondo2 comparison chart', and apparently while Sonnet provides directionality and wind resistance, Rondo does not. Does anybody with sensorineural hearing loss and Rondo2 - whether in one ear or two - have problems w
  11. Hi all! My name is Tiffany. I have had sensorineural hearing loss for twenty years - since I had a brain tumor removed at age 8. That was just one ear that went immediately, and then the other ear suddenly losing hearing years later, with slow reduction still. So I finally got accepted as a CI candidate, since hearing aids don't help much. I still don't know whether I can get one or two ears, i might have to get bimodal. Either way, super excited, and nervous! Absolutely open to comments, advice, questions! See ya!
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