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  1. @Mary Beth, I'll have to look into that. My next appointment is February 22 for pre-op, and to choose my processors. @Megan L., I'm glad that your CIs are starting to work together, awesome news! Hopefully that humming goes away soon. And I like how your audi was forceful not to tone down your first CI lol; sounds like he knew what he was doing.😉 So, here's the thing.... I don't know which processors I want now! It's driving me nuts!!!😱 I was so certain I wanted two Rondo 3 (literal pain wearing ha or ci with glasses and mask), or one Rondo 3 and one Sonnet 2. Then I was
  2. Hey guys! Sorry I've been away for a while Just a quick update on mois... Still nothing is going on in the left ear; no sound, no vibrations; I still do notice when i have the volume up too high and there's a lot of clatter, my eye twitches lol. So we don't really anticipate anything happening with that ear. We did a ct scan to check on the implant, and it all looks good, so chances are that the auditory nerve is too damaged from the brain surgery that originally caused my deafness in that ear. But we agree that I continue to wear the processor in hope that we could be wrong 😀
  3. Oooh!!! Finally distributing in the US?! I wonder when mine will come, not that I can use it now, bit when I get my second implant, it'll sure come on handy Can't wait to hear what you think @Richard G!
  4. @Megan L., I really hope he orders the imaging too. And hopefully he can use that instead of me having to have another test. It's only been four months since my approved eval.... As if my hearing is just supposed to get better... Lol Thank you @Mary Beth. I understand that some time has passed. In my case though, since we know for sure now that I only have the one ear - which is part of what got me approved for the right ear four months ago, not to mention that my hearing keeps declining - I feel like there shouldn't be any questioning it. I'll let you all know what happens tomorrow
  5. Happy Holidays everybody! Stay safe! Stay warm! Stay blessed! ❤️
  6. Quick update... So, I have not gotten a schedule for imaging. Instead, I have an appointment on Tuesday with the surgeon. And my next appointment that was pre-scheduled with my audi, is now set to be a second-side eval. So obviously we are going to be talking about implanting the right ear, now. But why do I have to have another evaluation when that was the ear that was eligible for implanting at my last evaluation? I really don't want to have to do another one of those if I can help it. All it is is "I don't know", (guess), "uhhhh". Did anyone have to do a second eval to go bil
  7. Hey all! Sorry I've been away for a while! I tried to log in several times, and it seemed like the website was down or something, it was really weird. Then I got busy lol, and forgot to try again. So, looking at these updates, @phobos512, so glad your therapy is going well; it seems that both your CIs are pretty in sync with one another. @Megan L., good luck on Monday! Just enjoy the weekend, and mentally prepare. ❤️ Also, welcome @Lynda!
  8. Thank you @Mary Beth I was actually just thinking of coming on here to update lol. So, nothing happened today; still no sound. My audi is talking about kinda leaving it alone to go ahead and move on to the right ear. She's going to have a talk with the surgeon; and my next appointment is probably going to be with the pair of them. She wants me to wear the processor now only a few hours a day, because she turned the level up really high, and she said it could possibly affect my balance. I'm not giving up hope, though, I am a little disappointed because she said we'd give it
  9. @Megan L.,OOHH! I think we're going to be doing those at the bakery this week, as part of our Christmas candies! Doesn't matter if they're not baked goods; baked, cooked, no-bakes, they're all good!!! 😍
  10. Hey all! I hope this is okay; I thought I'd add a topic specially for any conversation, including holiday, until our next chat in January 😉. I wanted to bring this up from a previous discussion in November, posted under 'Soon to be bilateral or considering bilateral' by @Megan L., about sharing favorite holiday recipes... Well, we got a couple neat waffle recipes 🙂, but I never shared mine. Around the holidays, I love everything pumpkin, and pumpkin pie never gets old. I found this recipe years ago, and it is my favorite pumpkin recipe ever! So here it is, Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes
  11. @Mary Beth, I have not gotten a call about that appointment yet. I will call the office tomorrow. I have an appointment set with the audiologist next Friday; and I was told that they would like to do the imaging on the same day, if possible.
  12. Oh okay, thank you. I'll just change the batteries regularly 🙂
  13. How can you tell when the coil or processor is blinking?
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