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  1. Oh dear Beth, no offense at all! I quite appreciate your input! I did find the remote and made sure I was on "M" once you told me about that. And, in answer to your question, I did have problems with background noise before the session yesterday. I wonder about what could be setting this off. The fridge, the computer, the furnace...and all in all, it just is...no matter what I do. I m one of those people who had a total blast furnace sound 24/7 after the surgery...could this be related or more of the same? I don't know but I do appreciate your help.
  2. What is an M setting vs an MT setting? And, no I do not hear those noises when the processor is off! And the noise is all the time when the processor is on no matter what I am doing or so it seems.
  3. I have had my Rondo 2 processor for just over a week now. I saw the Audiologist yesterday and she did a bunch of adjustments. Today I tried to do "exercises" and can't hear a thing because of background noise that just overpowers everything. Is this normal. What should I do? Any advice would be most appreciated.
  4. I just got my Rondo 2 turned on a couple of days ago and am wondering how it works using a telephone. Can somebody help me with that?
  5. Thanks Jewel, I was hoping I would be able to do this alone what with the virus, social distancing and all of that! Tell me, does talking to yourself count? I do a whole lot of that!:)
  6. Thanks you...I will look for your suggestions. I have a Rondo 2.
  7. I had my processor turned on yesterday. I was given a list of supports and APPS and told that I needed to do a lot of rehab on my own. I can't quite understand what and how to do that. Can someone give me an overview of what is expected of me?
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