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  1. Thought you all would appreciate this. Sounds weird but definitely hearing my dogs’ nails click-clack on wood floors and hearing coffee maker brewing although I didn’t know at first what I was hearing!! Excited for next audiology visit when she fine tuned the processor and turns up the volume a bit!
  2. Thank you for asking! Vertigo is “mostly” gone - not perfect but able to go through the day without too many issues. Don’t feel perfect - I’m a runner and need to really focus to keep my eyes on the road and not have the world shaking! But I’m thankful I’m almost back to normal. By the way, blood remained in my ear and surgeon thinks that might have caused vertigo - not positive. Processor was turned on the 14th. Very, very low to start off. I heard beeps in the ear when she was adjusting it. Dealing with some buzzing but seems ok so far. Since I can hear from my right ear, it is m
  3. Thank you. It is so debilitating and not clear when it will go away. I can at least get out of bed now and eat a little bit. Tomorrow, I can check in with my surgeon so maybe she will have advice. I’m disappointed because I was fine from Monday to Friday and hate having a setback. Hopefully, I’m less dizzy each day and less lethargic. I didn’t realize how bad vertigo can be!!
  4. Hello all. I had my CI surgery on Monday for my left ear. Surgery went well and I was recovering fine until yesterday when I got hit with terrible Vertigo - couldn’t get out of bed. Today is somewhat better but still dizzy and not feeling great. Doctor gave me anti-dizzyness pills and steroids. I also got over the counter anti-nausea meds. This is really debilitating and hope it goes away soon. Did any of you suffer from this post op?
  5. Thanks. I am going to speak to company reps this week and get more info. It seems like a “no-brainer” for me to get a CI since I’m dead in my left ear, but it is also obviously a big decision. Hard to believe I completely lost hearing in September and am scheduled for surgery in 3 weeks!
  6. Hi all. I'm about to schedule my surgery for a CI for my left ear. Nervous, but not sure I see any downside. The commitment to therapy to make it all work seems like a lot, but I'm motivated - it would certainly be nice to hear again in my left ear! I think this is a Med-El site so I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say that I'm leaning toward the Advanced Bionics CI. Picking between vendors might be the hardest part of this. How did you guys go about it? Thanks.
  7. Hi everyone. 2 things that I saw in the comments -- some of you experienced dizzyness in the week(s) after surgery and someone mentioned that you need to sleep on non-surgical side for awhile. Can someone expand on these things? I'm meeting my doctor next week (but only for left side as I still have decent hearing in right ear). Thanks.
  8. Thank you. I have an iPhone. I don’t think I would need speech to text as long as the CI doesn’t interfere with my good ear during the adjustment period, but would love to hear others’ experiences.
  9. Hi all. Very interested in this thread. I partially lost hearing in my left ear 4 years ago. My right ear has "normal" hearing although not perfect. I got hearing aids and they were a big help. In September, I woke up one morning fully deaf in my left ear (and tinnitus!). Long story short - recently got evaluated and I'm a candidate for a CI on my left side. Going back to ENT for follow up eval on the 16th and will decide next steps. I have read through a lot of your stories (thank you!), and the success sounds amazing. I'm a little concerned about the first few months. I s
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