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    I am a newbie with ADHEAR . I am going for a trial run with my audiologist soon. I am single sided deaf but have sensorial hearing loss. i was denied by my insurance company for a CI. I have residual hearing in deaf ear ... SEVERLY deaf not profoundly .Thats why I was denied . on my hearing test I am about at the 80%-90% of hearing loss. With about 20-30 hearing loss in my good ear. What measure of success can I expect from this hearing solution with sensorial hearing loss being my issue.
  2. Hello Sarah thank you for sharing your picture of the EAS processor with the snazzy ear molds ! Very cool . I am awaiting approval from my insurance company for my CI surgery. Staying hopeful !!!! I would love to email you If that’s ok to ask some questions. Unless you just prefer chatting here only . I am so interested to talk with someone about their experience with the EAS processor . Please let me know your thoughts! Thank you
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