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  1. I'm very curious about how much I should try to lobby/understand about the electrode/mapping part of this especially after listening to you and Lawrence. Like I said after speaking with Alyssa at Med-el I'm not worried about having electrodes turned off (some were making me a little dizzy when they played around with them) -- I have my next appointment in March and I am beg. to want to know how much more mapping/tailoring is achievable? The other thing you brought up was the chip in the Sonnet and Rondo do you know if Medel would retrofit the ones I have for that new chip or would I have to wa
  2. I def. will as I have/had so many other questions that came to mind while listening to your journey Mary Beth, cheers, !
  3. thanks Mary Beth for putting it all together, this morning was even more informative than I could have imagined and it was really nice meeting everyone!
  4. I had to wait a month for activation and that's when I was most fatigued and was def. besieged by more tinnitus from them rattling the cage-- and really it wasn't until about a week ago that with the streaming to the implant that I started actually hearing people's voice (certainly not all and not much progression with vocals in music) at first everyone sounded like Gollum from Lord of the Rings and I was starting to think it would never change and then one day I noticed the more natural voices were starting
  5. I watched the videos as well as part of my daily listening exercises to my Sonnet 2, I was activated on December 4th and in the last week I've found I can watch more content without the CC (especially if the person is talking to the camera) and voices are starting to sound more natural. When I wear the processor I don't really hear the tinnitus. I really am enjoying the videos and I hope you continue with them!
  6. I would like to attend if I'm not working, thanks
  7. I was just activated on December 4th and so far I've been surprised that I prefer the Sonnet 2 -- I thought I would physically notice it but I don't really feel it at all -- I don't trust myself with the Rondo 3 yet as the first five minutes I was wearing it I managed to project onto the floor-- I will have to start using the clip. One thing I love about having 2 different processors is: if I go for a run w/the Sonnet 2 I will put it in the dehumidifier and while I wait for it I will put on the Rondo 3--I def. will get use to the Rondo 3 but again happily surprised by how much I'm liking the S
  8. Hi Chris, I think Med-el is probably in very good shape but again it's all up to you. For me, I was super happy with the customer support from Med-el that made a huge difference. The person at Med-el I have been in contact before and after surgery was once an audiologist herself and is really making things easier for me. It's been great to have someone act as a 2nd opinion/etc. I like having the behind the ear (actually surprised by how much I like it) and the Rondo 3.
  9. Hi Chris, I have a similar story: I lost all hearing in my right ear after I was rushed to the ER for a bout of vertigo, a viral infection left with me tinnitus and between no hearing and the 24/7 ringing in my ear I retreated far away from life this was four years ago. On December 4th I was "activated" and I can report that when the processor is on I don't suffer from the tinnitus and although I can't discern most sounds coming into my right ear even when I am in noisy situations I'm hearing much better. For example last night I photographed a hockey game which before surgery would have
  10. hi Jacqui I just had the CI for my right ear done in November in Boston, Massachusetts and I was pretty blown away by how well everything really went and I agree with Mary Beth even though I'm in the true beginning stages of hearing through my CI -- each day I am actually more excited to put the sound processor on than I am to make my daily coffee!
  11. Hey Scott, I was just activated this December 4th-- hope all goes well!
  12. Hi Kathleen, I lost all hearing in my right ear from a viral infection about four years ago and it was initially masked by an awful bout of vertigo. I tried at first to live with it (no luck especially with the tinnitus), and then I tried a CROS system (not much help at all) and by the time I got OK'd by the insurance for the implant I was literally full steam ahead with no hesitations about going for surgery which was just this past November. I have had zero issues with balance, and although it's slow to really understand what I'm hearing-- waking up everyday knowing that I get to hear s
  13. hi Mary Beth, I just got a stronger magnet so today I started using the Rondo 3 -- already I can say that I'm happy that I have 2 processors to choose from. For some reason I can't get it to pair with my audio link but I'm sure I get that straightened out. I'll update you with my thoughts on it after using it for a while
  14. ok it's nice to know someone's time line and my contact at Medel def. said it's going to be a marathon and I guess she wasn't kidding! I find that if I can do my listening in the morning especially I have some luck understanding what someone is saying if they are looking at the camera and speaking somewhat slowly. If I try to do these exercises after a long day of work it's almost pointless without the captions. thanks!
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