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  1. That's great to hear, it's good to see your doing well now, with your CI are you happy you got them now.
  2. Thank you Mary Beth I'm getting it through NHS in Beaumont Hospital in Dublin. Did you have bad tinnitus as well before getting fitted with CI ?. My hearing is so unpredictable one day it's fine the next it's gone I'm wounder could it be a blockage in the middle ear or something like it I don't know. Regards Paudie
  3. Hi, I am going for a ci in February I had 80%hearing in my left ear up to 4 years ago when my hearing started to come and go 3 to 4 months on and off with chronic tinnitus that seemed to drown out my hearing, my hearing in my right ear has been fading with about 20 years and now I have about 20% hearing with a HA and about 50% in my left with a HA, I find the hearing aids make my tinnitus a lot worse, is this normal, I hope a ci will improve my right ear hearing because my left ear is fading fast, any information would be great fully appreciate many thanks for reading this. regards Paudie
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