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  1. I use both, too. But I PREFER using rechargeables When I had my surgery for my second implant I switched to disposable. Because they last for at least 2 days and I didn't know if the rechargeables will run out of power immediatelly after waking up from surgery. Btw. is there a way in this forum to view the members who already have voted? On other famous forums this is possible.
  2. I don't know, I can't compare. I never had a Mickey-Mouse effect. No one used He (helium) but SF6 (sulphurhexafluoride) 🤪
  3. That's what is different between my first and second implant: Before my first implant I *had* to use both ears to understand anything, I even used a streamer on the phone so that I could listen with both ears. My first ear did a very hard work until just right before surgery. Those 3 weeks between 1st surgery and activation were terrible for me. On activation day I got my world back again. I could understand people talking though they were very silent to me while hearing the whistles and bells in my new ear all day. Before my second implant I did not need to listen with my remaining
  4. Really? Oh wow. For me sensitivity set to low is a huge difference compared to set to high. When my good hearing wife is watching TV (approx. at 40-50dB) then I don't hear anything if sensitivity is too low. If in contrast I set my sensitivity to max then I can hear water running from our faucet when my cat is drinking from there. Btw. I use maximum sensitivity most of the time because I have to hear everything what is happening around me. In noisy environments there is no change between minimum and maximum sensitivity.
  5. Hi @Mary Beth I use Sonnet 2 and Rondo 3 you know. But I don't use ASM at all. Except for mild windblock there is no filter activated and I am always on omni-directional mode. I have worn hearing aids all my life for 4 decades. In the beginning there were omni-directionality available only so I am used to that anyway. So I can't help you with your questions, sorry. Oh yes, I switch between programs on my Sonnet: When listening to music I prefere to have more low frequencies.
  6. Hello @Mary Beth, I've used Artone 3 Max for a short time with my Sonnet 2 and Phonak Naida B in the other ear and still have it available. This was the only option to have sound streamed to both ears. I used it a few weeks only because the loop receives too much noise everywhere I am (most of the time a 50Hz or 100Hz signal, i live in Europe). I've tried to reduce sensitivity of my Sonnet but this didn't help much. Instead I use my AudioLink for streamed content and of course only on my CI side. Since today I am able to stream to both ears with the AudioLink: Sonnet 2 on the right and Ro
  7. Hi @Megan L., I've had my activation for my second ear today (Friday, January 15th). I am living in a cartoon, too 🤣 But there is no Mickey-Mouse but more like Benjamin the Elephant. Everything sound too deep. But this had been the case at my activation of my first ear, too. I am glad that both ears seam to have the electrode array at the exact same position. @polyesternapkinstowaway Okay, there you are. Nice to meet you again, my friend! 🙂
  8. @Mary Beth Ah thank you very much for the link. When I got my Sonnet 2 in March 2020 the instructions were for the old cover but I already got the new style and wondered for what the second hole is used for. Even my audiologist didn't know about the change. Since I also have vision troubles I am glad that I no longer need to be careful with the pin in the earhook during exchange any more. Funny thing, you have been to Innsbruck - only 100 miles from my home.
  9. How are you doing listening belateral? 🙂 @Mary Beth Can you confirm this? Actually I *have* to unlock the earhook to replace a SONNET 2 microphone cover.
  10. You are right. But you should keep in mind that the outer parts can easily be changed over time. So for me it was more important how the implant itself is working and what my surgeon is most experienced with.
  11. Are there different docks available? I got my AudioLink in March 2020. But there is no optical input. I use an adapter that converts TOSlink to analog copper. Or did I miss anything?
  12. Dani


    Hello Mary, I've already read your thread asking for info about Rondo 3. Be sure I will reply there as soon as I have useful information for you. I am excited, too, if the Rondo 3 can hold its promises. Battery lasting 15 to 16h a day is rather short in the first year. Instead they claim up to 24h 🙈
  13. Dani


    Hi Megan, Thank you for your welcome. I didn't know that my signature is not visible on the smartphone. My activation day will be on friday, 15th this month. I've got some time to get used to hear with my first CI only 😁
  14. Dani


    Hello everybody, I am new to this forum, male, in my mid 40s and living near munich in Germany. Actually I already have a working CI since February 2020 powerd by a Sonnet 2 and in my left I recently got my other implant in December 2020. Actvation will be in January. Then I am testing Rondo 3 and hope that I am happy with it. If this will be the case then I don't know how to go further with my first processor on my right side. I'll see.
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