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  1. Thanks for your thoughts on this! I will investigate.
  2. Thank you, Mary Beth. We have the Rondo 3 and an iPhone. The one they mention has terrible reviews. Maybe there is another A2DP converter out there? I will experiment. And the Artone replaces the Audiolink, correct? And you like that better? Michelle
  3. Hi there, I am new to the group. My 11 year old recently had SSNHL which resulted in him becoming deaf in one ear. He got a MedEl implant in August and we have just started the streaming with the new Rondo. Does anyone know of a better app to use for streaming? The Audio2Ear is a pain because he needs to login every time. With forgotten or mistyped passwords this causes additional frustration we would rather avoid. Anyone know of another app we can use? The MedEl rep said one of you might know. thanks, Michelle
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