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  1. This is very interesting, though not surprising. Cochlear has had the lion's share of the global market for many years without having changed their platform. Med-El and AB have capitalized on this and the results are showing. Neurelec has been around for a while, but never really gained a foothold outside of Europe. It'll be interesting to see, now that its been acquired by the William Demant Group, what direction it will go in.
  2. Nate


    Ivana - do what I do; stick a small fridge magnet to your coil. My kids find it endlessly amusing.
  3. Thank you !!!!!!!! I turned the sensitivity down this morning and it certainly helped !! My fine tuner was just activated Thursday. My audilogist thought it was done initally but must have missed a step. Great! Glad that helped! Once you get used to hearing, people tend to not play around with the settings as much and forget they have those options.
  4. Hi Kristie, One thing that helped me in the beginning was to turn the sensitivity way down. You can do that with the remote and it tends to mute the background noise a little more. Voices are a little softer, but clearer and not as much background noise gets in the way. Have you tried that?
  5. Same here! Sometimes, I don't even put my processors on till I get to my office. When people ask me why I don't put them on straight away, I say its like waking up in the dark and flipping the bathroom light on. Kinda stings your eyes. Same for me - I've been asleep and in silence for a few hours and really just need to ease into it. Plus I'm just not a morning person. The world can just leave me alone until my second cup of coffee.
  6. Hi Laurence, Nice to see a couple of other motorcyclist here! I'm not a hardcore motorcyclist, but I do have a bike that ride as often as I can (Honda Shadow VLX). I have bilateral implants and wear the Opus 2s. I ended up getting a helmet that was 'bluetooth ready' and had those foam inserts you could take out to replace with a bluetooth device. Before I put my helmut on, I attach the long cable to my Opus 2 (the one used for the active wear option) and then tuck the processor into the the foam where the bluetooth device would have gone. I then put the helmet on and, with a little finagling, attach the coil to my head. The coil is thin enough that it is not really affected by the foam, and the processor itself is not on my ear, but in the foam insert for the bluetooth. This way, I can still hear and don't feel I've compromised the integrity of the helmet. For the longer rides, I put my iphone in my pocket, plug my neckloop in and wear it under my jacket, switch to t-coil only, and just listen to the music while enjoying those country rides. Total serenity.
  7. This is excellent news! I've had the pleasure of working with Inge and Blake before and could not think of two more deserving people.
  8. Nate


    I plan on being at the one in Clemmons, NC. I went last year and it was a lot of fun! Highly recommend it to anyone thinking about attending.
  9. Nate


    I agree with John. I used the Rondo for certain activities and it's a great option for social functions. When wearing a hat, it covered the Rondo completely and didn't affect hearing too much, so no processor would be showing at all. I use the Opus 2 for running and cycling though - the coil fits under my helmet a little easier.
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