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  1. Hi Lake! Welcome to Medel and welcome to HearPeers! My son is 11 and he has bilateral implants. He wears his Rondos during the day and his Opus 2 processors during sports. He uses the #3 magnet strength with both Rondos. When he wears his Opus 2 processors, he wears Ear Gear to protect the processors from moisture. He also wears clear plastic tubing to connect the battery pack to the ear hook. This combination helps to keep his processors on his ears during sports. He uses a loop system as well to connect to his iphone, ipad, 3DS, etc. I love that he has the loop, especially in the car on
  2. Thank you for sharing! I loved it! My son is 11 and often does mini presentations on cochlear implant 101. I love her positive attitude and sense of humor! I love hearing about their hearing experiences from their perspective. I will share her speech with him. I'm sure he'll be able to relate! I would have been very proud too! Go Linnea!
  3. My son, Jonathan, and I are speaking to a Boy Scout troop this week. We have been asked to tell our story and give the scouts an idea of what it is like to hear with cochlear implants. The scouts are working toward their disabilities badge. We need to explain what kind of modifications the school has made for him. They also asked us to recommend books about hearing loss that would be suitable for children in the elementary to middle school age. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. My son's headband just came by FedEx yesterday. He is 11 and we ordered a size small. I think they all come in black. He plays basketball this season and we're excited see see how well he'll like it. He typically wears the Opus 2s during sports, but he prefers wearing the Rondos if possible. I'll keep you guys posted!
  5. My son was initially implanted on his left ear at 12 months, then implanted on his right at 5 years old. He wore a hearing on on his right ear while waiting for insurance to approve the second implant. He hears better in noise and he can localize or find sounds better than with just one. However, he stills prefers his left side more than his right. He will take batteries out of his right side to replace batteries on the left. I hope it all goes well for you! Patrice
  6. My son started off with the baby BTE in his left ear at 12 months too! We loved that device for that age. When my son would get upset though, he would sometimes pull off the coil and throw it. So, be aware that kids may do that. My son received his implant in his right ear at 5 years old and he is doing well. He wears bilateral Rondos now and loves them! Every child is different, but my son received speech therapy for 9 years. Congratulations on the start of your journey! Patrice
  7. I haven't ordered any accessories online before. I have always called or emailed my customer service representative for my state in the past. They have been wonderful with ordering anything I've needed and sent it to me quickly.
  8. John, we're excited to hear what you think about the Ear Gear for Rondo! They asked us to try it out, but the timing wasn't conducive to my crazy son's schedule. We love to use the Ear Gear with the Opus 2s. Jonathan loves his Skin-its though. I don't know if he would want to cover them up!
  9. My son wears #3 magnets for both Rondos. He could use a little bit stronger on the right side, but it isn't enough of an issue to go up to a 4. To remove the batteries, we just turn the processor over and pull them out like we used to do with the coil of the Opus 2. He doesn't use either of the tethers or the silicone wrap. He does switch to the Opus 2 processors when playing sports. He loves his Rondos with his Skin-its!
  10. Here are pictures of Jonathan's Skin-its for his Rondo processors. He loves them! UNC Tarheels on the left and Carolina Panthers on the right! They were very easy to apply and appear to be very durable.
  11. When my son was little, we decorated the coil all the time. He had Santa, snowmen, bunny rabbits, Spider-Man etc. Once when he was playing t-ball another player asked what was on his ears. When I explained that he used his implants to hear, the other little boy ran up to his dad and said he couldn't hear either so he needed Spider-Man too! Too cute, We had been using the stickers that Medel provides for the Opus 2s for kids. It was some kind of black swirls and red swirls. He is now pumped up about trying the Carolina skinits on his Rondos! I'll definitely post pix when they came in!
  12. Thanks Charles! That's exactly the info I needed. Didn't I see you at the Walk for Hearing last weekend in Clemmons?
  13. My son takes his time putting his implants on in the morning. I understand why he probably does it...I probably would too. I think mornings can be hectic for most people with children. But to be honest, it drives me a little bonkers. He'll call out to me while we're both getting ready for work/school, but I can't respond back to him. I have to walk to his room where he can see me to answer. It's quiet for him, but a lot of back and forth for me. Also, when he puts them on, I can't be too loud with cabinet doors, book bags, etc. When we finally get in the car, he is "on" and we can have our mor
  14. My son is dying to get the UNC Tarheel skinits. Does anyone know how many you get in a Rondo kit? Do you buy them individually or do you get 2 Rondos and a fine tuner? I understand being discreet with your color choice, but our family is Tarheel proud (class of '92)! He wears the anthracite, so we're hoping it would also make them easier to spot if they fall off.
  15. Thanks for sharing the link. I hadn't heard anything about it. It was very interesting. I have been doing this a while, but I learned quite a bit from the video. I was very proud of Medel! It was good to see more national education in the media!
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