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  1. Hi Cindy (and Mary Beth), I don't wear my processor when riding as my helmets are very tight fitting. I've thought about using a Dremel to take away some of the foam around where the processor would sit to deuce the pressure. I am very interested in what you decide to do Cindy. And I've just landed back in Austria for this years Europe trip!!
  2. @Daniel the Stranger - SCIC are growing slowly, I feel very lucky to have them close by. I get over to Adelaide every year for WOMAD and have ideas of maybe moving there one day.
  3. Hey Mary Beth, I was back in Europe this year and went to Bulgaria and Romania - both were great. I also dropped by the factory again but due to some mixed communication I missed meeting some of the team that built my implant. I'm heading back next year and plan to visit Sardinia and Corsica - and visit several bike events. Hope you are well?
  4. Hi Caroline - another Aussie here, I'm in Sydney and use the wonderful SCIC for my preparation, rehab and ongoing mapping checks. I'm not sure if they are in Victoria or if there is a similar group there. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. @VeroNika - I visit Graz every year to pick up my motorcycle that's stored in Sinabelkirchen. I'd love to meet you next year when I'm over. Matt
  5. Hi Natalie, I'm another Vancouver fan - have been a few times and love it and the people. Good to see a fellow nurse on the forum as well. Matt
  6. I've flown a lot since I was implanted both domestic and international with many different airlines. I've been through all the scanners and security checks and have never had a problem.
  7. Just got home from 2 months in Central America - July I'm heading back to Europe.
  8. Autographed copies will be available shortly! ?
  9. Depends on lots of factors for me, including size and shape of the room, distance from speakers to me. But generally I do OK.
  10. Does anyone know how to insert a video from Youtube? I tried to do the same thing as a picture but it didn't work.
  11. Hi, I've been slack posting here but I've checked in occasionally to keep an eye on you. Yesterday, after 6.5 years of faithful service from my OPUS 2 I finally had my upgrade to the Sonnet. We swapped over the programs and did a little fine tuning so things are reasonably normal. I'm going back in a month for a check up and will ask more about the features I might not know about. http://
  12. WOW! I'd love to see them one day - the visual stuff looks amazing.
  13. Hi Hicksy, glad to hear that music is getting better for you. I went to a big outdoor world music festival a couple of months after activation and it was total sensory overload but I loved every minute of it. Keep us updated. Matt
  14. Hahaha. I'm at home for a while - will be heading to Europe later this year and will plan a visit to HQ in Austria if I can. Not sure if I posted my pic from Taiwan? I went swimming with the processor and had to visit the importer there for a check up.
  15. Hi Raymond, my only contribution is to listen to music you know and use that to help train yourself. I know when I went to an early programming session I took my iPod and played songs I knew - well, I thought I knew them. I couldn't recognise any of them as there was so much other stuff going on and I was only hearing a very monotone sound. Keep us up to date with your progress. Matt
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