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  1. I personally have not had any issues with the Roger pen or Roger 21. I use them often with no issues.
  2. So far everything is going very well. After 19 years, I just made a job change into a field I am very passionate about. I might be the first deaf Security Officer in SC.
  3. Kara im so happy for you!!!! Congratulations!! it has been a crazy year via brain surgeries and a job transition. Can’t wait to hear your progress
  4. Sounds like you are on the right track. I’m sure that is such a relief. Very glad to hear it
  5. Taken longer than I would have expected but I would rather have them take their time to make sure there aren’t any bugs they need to fix later
  6. My first activation, I had to wait 6 weeks. 4 weeks for second activation
  7. Congratulations!! now the next step of activation. Rest up adam
  8. @Renachelw congratulations on your upcoming surgery. I understand the feeling of being anxious before a surgery. It is important to be well informed and the surgeons do have to advise of any side effects, no matter how little the chance. Each person is a little different. i have had 45 surgeries in my lifetime, 23 of which were brain surgeries. I had 3 just 3 months ago. I have been away for a little while, it is very nice to meet you. Each surgery, they still have to advise you some risks. It sounds like your surgeon is very experienced. I'm sure he will take every precaution to make sur
  9. Hey everybody i hope all is well. I wanted to quickly update. Some of you know that I haven't been on hearpeers since the 3 brain surgeries in late April early may. It has been a challenge bouncing back due to the trauma to my brain from the surgeries. Here recently, I have been in extreme pain. Had a CT Scan yesterday and found out that one of the ventricles in my brain has collapsed. they have changed the setting of my shunt as high as it can go to try and fill the ventricle as quickly as possible as this is extremely painful. Then once filled, back to original setting
  10. Cara, I am very much looking forward to it. Fingers crosed for tomorrow. I have a follow up with my surgeon. This is routine usually 10 days or so after surgery to take out staples, make sure Shunt is working... not a fun time as they push around on the site to test the valve, after taking out staples. Usually gets me sick to my stomach
  11. I am very familiar with it already. The trip I took to ASU was to participate in research of the sonnet with both Mics. This was before they were approved in the U.S.
  12. Can't wait. Could use some good news
  13. Just got an email from my Audi. She just got the software from MEDEL and wants me to come in and turn the mic on. Ive worked with both of them before so it will only take 5:00 or so
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