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  1. I am supposed to get a replacement coil on Friday (hopefully) and I need to take the magnet off my current coil and put it on the new coil. I was told by my audiologist that the instructions for how to do this are in the manual, but I am not at home and don't have my manual with me. Can anyone share the portion of the manual with me that shows how to do this? If you could scan it and e-mail it to me or if you have a link to an online copy, that would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!!!
  2. Congratulations! There is a lot that I can't answer in your original post, and I'm sorry about that! About the background noise, that can still be an issue, but it's going to be very individual. And it may take a while to get where you will be, depending on hearing history, etc. I am 7 weeks post activation today and I can tell a difference between my hearing aid and my implant in loud situations. The implant sounds better than the hearing aid, not quite as loud and overwhelming, but I still hear a lot of background noise. I do hope this improves, but after speaking to several people, I unders
  3. Hi! I'm a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing. I see so many kids come to me and get implants and are unsuccessful. I believe that a deaf and hard of hearing child can be successful either with or without an implant, but when choosing an implant, the younger the better! So, that said, I'm glad you didn't decide to wait! Does your son have 1 implant or 2? It's GREAT that he is already responding to sounds and babbling more!!! As far as the therapy goes, 1 time a week is not bad for such a young age, but it really depends on what you are doing at home. The more you do at home, the more succe
  4. It's true, you really can't make a wrong decision. I've known people with all 3 brands who have been quite successful. The most important part is the rehab. I teach students who are deaf and hard of hearing and please please hear me when I say this: CIs are NOT cures! They can be wonderful and give your child sound, but you still have to work with them and make the follow up appointments for mapping and practice at home and get them the therapy and services they need. Most of my students' parents don't seem to understand that. I don't say this to scare you, only so you know what is most import
  5. I have not personally tried it yet, as I haven't broken a sweat since I have been activated, but I spoke to another Med-El recipient who has bilateral implants and is an avid runner. She recommended Ear Gear, which I had with my hearing aids. I ordered some and have them on hand for when I get back into my workout routine. The website is gearforears.com. They are just covers for the implant that are supposed to help protect it from moisture damage. You would still have to employ the dry box, but they have helped my hearing aids last!
  6. I don't know what the plan is, but I was told by an audiologist who does CI mapping and who also has Med-El implants herself that Med-El has heard everyone's complaints and requests for more water-resistant and/or water-proof processors. I am really hoping this is true, but considering that Cochlear and Advanced Bionics currently have them beat in those areas, I can believe they would be researching it. I do hope that they can come up with something other than the aqua bag that Cochlear is developing. I think the aqua-bag could be a great temporary fix, but when it comes to the pool, I wou
  7. Yes, my taste is mostly back now. There is still a slightly bad taste, but it's very slight and totally manageable. I also have a slightly odd sensation on the right side of my tongue, but that, too, is fading. Before it felt like I had either burned my tongue or had a numbing shot in my mouth that was wearing off. I do have hope that this will fade, too, but even if it doesn't I could totally live with it. Have you had the surgery or are you thinking about it?
  8. I guess I just expected more of a separation of sound. When I was first activated, I could hear this constant noise, which was the a/c (there was no way to turn it off in the room) and when the audi spoke, I would not have known if I didn't see her lips moving. I have been playing around with the magnet, taking it off briefly and putting it back on because, though I know my residual hearing is really not that great, I have heard things and they have surprised me that I've heard them. I have been wearing my aid in my left ear some, partially because when I need to communicate with someone and u
  9. randomthoughtsandruminations.wordpress.com I wrote a blog post about my activation day (which was today!!). All in all, it was successful (meaning, I didn't destroy the internal device in the 3 week recovery period, LOL), though I was a tad disappointed. I knew what to expect and I have kept my expectations low, but I won't lie, I did wish that I would have had more understanding of some sounds today. As it is, it's almost my bedtime and I haven't understood anything without a visual. I've just heard a lot of warbling and almost a chiming sound when noise is happening. I did hear my keys j
  10. My audiologist recommended I get one. I probably will, though I want to find something the is somewhat fashionable before I do.
  11. Wow, sounds like you are doing great! I also had my activation today, but still hear a lot of warbling and can't distinguish what sounds are, yet, I can understand some letters in an iPad app game and some words when I listen to a story that was read online, but other than that, I can't understand the noises. I go back in the morning, so hopefully I'll see more progress over the weekend! Congrats on the success!
  12. Awesome story! Thanks so much for sharing! It's very encouraging to hear a story of someone with quick success! I was implanted last week on Tuesday. I also chose Med-El because I liked their longer electrode, plus a few other reasons! I have my appointment for activation Oct 10 and can't wait! I'm nervous about and and trying to keep my expectations realistic, but it's hard. I don't want it to take forever to begin to understand speech! I lol'd at your comment about living as if it were the last 2 weeks of your life. I felt the same!
  13. Thanks! It's nice to have an idea of a time frame for what other people have experienced! I hope mine follows the same path! I've definitely ha a bit of change since the surgery, but it seems to have slowed down a bit now. But, remembering how things healed up from my knee surgery, that seems standard to have a slowing down period, where the changes aren't so noticeable.
  14. Does anyone who had this sensation after surgery remember how long it took for normalization? I had my surgery 6 days ago and was just wondering. I know there is a possibility that it may not go back to the way it was before surgery, but I'm really hoping it does!
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