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  1. Hi Mike Thank you for testing it out for me. Very interesting point you've highlighted as well. His classroom is right next to the school hall. That means if there's a function in the hall that he's not involved in, he might be hearing everything that's going on in there! I'll have to let the teacher know. AiKeng
  2. Hi peers, My 5.5 year old has been using the Phonak FM system with his Opus 2 at school since he started Kindergarten this year. The school has a loop in the hall where they have assembly once a week, every Thuursday. For the very first time last Thursday, I sent him to school with the M/T setting on his processors (50% microphone, 50% telecoil?). Is this the right thing to do? Assembly is at the end of the day and the teacher uses the FM system in the class during the day. Will his hearing from the FM be compromised with the M/T setting? He can't tell me if the hearing is any different as he is autistic. The reason why I changed the setting in the morning is because the teacher does not have the remote control / fine tuner. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. AiKeng
  3. Hi We as a family love to go to the beach but my son's processors start flashing after sitting at the beach for 30 minutes and he's no where near the water yet. Are we the only one experiencing this? Also, found out that cochlear is developing a special bag for CI users to use in the water. Please see: http://cochlearimplantonline.com/site/aqua-accessory-review/ Does anyone know if something similar is coming out for Med-el ? Thanks for listening. AiKeng
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