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  1. i have worked it out so here the second link . Hello andrew ,Yeah it is maximum i can hear also is will improve in time .I am hearing very well & comfortable and had some wow moment recently.I am really happy with it .To be honest with you that 3 month assentment audio graph chart when i saw that i was gobsmacked because i have never ever had that kind hearing levels in my whole life .Incredible what med el cochlear do Hopefully link work
  2. I am amazed how good is it ,Here is my Ci 3 month audio graph chart below https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.n...04137972_n.jpg 3 month assentment http://www.alldeaf.com/attachments/h...ea-implant.jpg 1 month Ci assentment
  3. I am really impress how good my Ci hearing and have attached photo ,Go have a look see much improved
  4. Ok next Monday I am back at Addenbrokes for another mapping I am wondering if they could put a bigger gap in between the programmes from the first mapping I have had four programmes each time ,they had programmed it four times so far and find by the end of the week it is going quiet again I think they are only moving it up a small bit at a time has anyone had it moved up quite a bit on each programme In November I have nt got any appointments and I am wondering if I should ask them for a couple just in case. My brain seems to be ajusting quickly to the ci and I am getting wow moments almost e
  5. hello , It is very difficult to decided which implant best for your son .Best thing is do is research on website cochlear n med el that will give u more information about it . At first i was given three option are AB,cochlea and med el unfortunately only been given med el so i refused to have med el .i want AB the reason i look at speech processor on website that is the smallest one and when i see the real AB is was huge speech processor so i refused to have that & i told them i need some time to think about it ,Then i ask people with med el they are really pleased with it n been told tha
  6. hey ,that what u there for 2nd maps to tweak ur programme .Dont forgot they want u to have best hearing performance outcome .i did get lots of shhhhh at first because u brain getting used to it so in time will get better one thing i don't like is bus brake squealing is doing my head in lol so i am got used to it .Suddenly i have used to volume then want more volume . good luck ur 2nd mapping i know will be improving than 1st maps programme . anyway give us updated
  7. hello andrew ,thank u every appointment i go my Ci to increase volume get where i am comfortable with hearing also changed sensitive . At 2nd appointment i do need little bit more volume & get used to it and 3rd appointment i get 3 different maps programme which was i like the best hearing performance out of all programme also little more volume then i am happy .At final tuning i have selected programme 3 also have another maps (programme 2) is for background noise reduced so i could hear people more around me .I did had some twitching recently so the awesome med el clinical engineer h
  8. Final Ci tuning tomorrow .I am very pleased with my hearing performances outcome also i need more volume and some tweaking to do .Happy days Ci have changed my personality better ,I have noticed my most friend mention to me that i speak quite ,normally not speaking too loud and look bit happier haha
  9. Back from Addenbrooke's Hospital yesterday from the 2 weeks surgery check op, so far, so good, according to the x-ray the good news is that the electrode arrays is 100% all the way in the cochlear so all the channels for mapping will be available depending what I can hear on 1st October for the switch on. hello andrew that is fantastic news and all the best for switch on.You will have a exciting times ahead
  10. hey , i have totally forgot to ask him pop question about roller coaster but i have found my med el booklet , Rides which involve high speeds and/ or extreme forces may risk dislodging the internal parts of the cochlea implant and are therefore not recommended.The risk is greatest in the first 6 months after surgery,and in the longer term for those who are risk of the electrode array extruding from the cochlea ( check with your surgeon if in doubt ). For less extreme rides it id advisable to remove the external equipment (speech processor) if there is a risk that it be dislodged. It is p
  11. Thanks Steve, just one question, during the first week of hearing with the CI, could you carry on with your normal everyday life or take a step back for the time being? The reason I'm asking, I'm playing indoors bowls early October with people around me, as a guess, would it be too much for me to cope with the CI to start with because I can avoid playing the first month in October just to get used to the CI journey. if you're not sure don't worry! Hello andrew ,could i carry on ci on normal days basic oh yeah i am and enjoying a bit .If is too much for you take speech processor off give yourse
  12. No worries ,i will let u know tomorrow what he said Good luck for your surgery and you will be fine .Where u having done ?
  13. hello andrew ,congratulation on your success surgery .After i had operation i was looking forward to switch on and is was strange feeling .So last week i just had switch on .Some WOW sound i have never heard in my whole life is was unbelievable and i was so overwhelming & happy.You will have exciting time ahead .I not getting carry away telling you more so you will find out yourself the better Let us know how you get switch on p.s get video camera to recored yourself and family to see .It is very emotional for our family anyway good luck for switch on
  14. hello karen , i was thinking getting safety helmet to protect internal implant to go on extreme roller coaster .I am going to see audiology tomorrow so i gonna ask him .
  15. well what can i say ? WOW .At first i had to do beeping test on different pitches to make sure that i am comfortable with loud sound.After the beeping test is time to switch on .It is very strange listening people talking but in time is will get better that for sure .To be honest i can hear it well with some sound are very sensitivity which i don't have with the hearing aid.It is very different sound hearing aid and cochlear implant .I not telling you anymore so you will find out for yourself while u go for switch on .When i left the hospital two annoy sound were bothering me was bus and tra
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