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  1. From what I understand, anything up to 12 months so don't panic, you won't lose your taste and everybody time frame is difference. I have very slight metallic taste but not always noticeable, the strange thing is that you get used to it although it's only temporary. When I was in Egypt their white wine tasted like bleach and was disgusting but after a few days you get used to it! When I went home and have my own white wine I couldn't stand the taste of it until I got used to it again! It's to do the ways our brain works the same as mickey mouse sounds from the CI which is only temporary
  2. Dr Gray is very good, he did my perforated ear drum repair before they could do the cochlear implant because any water or infection can damaged the implant, you're in good hands
  3. Thanks Karen, I'm also looking at this as well, not sure what the costs are yet, http://www.icetext.co.uk/ Good luck on Monday! They won't keep you waiting and were very quick with me, Mr N Donnelly did my op,
  4. Custom made your own design? did you order online? I didn't know what the best info to put on it but Addenbrooke's number is a good idea
  5. Any of you wear the Medical Alert bracelet for Cochlear Implant because of the MRI?
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