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    Hi Sandy,

    finally we have a Rondo amongst the forum. I can't wait to her your thoughts as I may even pay for one myself if it's good.

    I am pretty sure that it only comes with disposable batteries at this time.


    Same here, can't find out any prices yet, I'm surprised it's not available in chargeable battery yet unless they are working on it, might be awkward because of the shape (?)

  2. I don't think any of us will know until it's launched expected in Spring 2013 http://www.medel.com/int/show/index/id/1029/title/RONDO


    Have spoken to my Audiologists at Addenbrookes Hospital and they don't even know much about it, their main concern are the weight, the thickness and easily lose it. Not sure if the rechargeable battery is in the pipeline. I also think they won't upgrade until ours unless it's faulty but I suppose there's nothing stopping us paying for it and might have to see the bank manager though!


    Hi all.  My son (who turns two next week) was activated on Tuesday.  He didnt have much of a reaction (we were hoping for the kind you see on youtube) but we did get him to alert to a few things.  Right now he's still on his very basic '1' mapping where they tell us its a low range of sound and a very low volume.  I'm anxious to turn him on to '2' but they said to wait a full two days.  Did anyone start to see awareness of sound improvement as they increased the number?  We are just so anxious for him but I dont want to push it.

    It's still very very early days! The problem with switch on with a young child, it's very difficult to know what volume to set it up to with no communication whereas with us adult's it's easy because we tell them where we are comfortable with the volume level but don't worry they will get there as some take longer than others and they got a target to reach on the mapping chart. It's understandable you're anxious but trust me they all know what they're doing. Forget about YouTube as everybody experience is difference of how we hear sounds. My best advice to you is to take it slow, steady and enjoy knowing you will able to talk to your son in time.

  4. On my MED EL ID Card quoted "Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) requires precautionary measures and may be performed after prior consultantion with an official MED-EL office."


    From what I understand in the UK, there's 2 MRI scanner Hospital, one in Manchester and Cambridge which is designed for Med-el implant to have MRI safety, about an hour drive for me.


    Best to email Med-el for further information for your location.

  5. "bits and bobs" is well known in the UK and I think its all started in the building trade many years ago, similar to "odds and ends", "bits and pieces" or "odds and sods"  If I'm saying, "I've got to go as I have this and that or bits and bobs to do meaning I've got a few things to sort out or loads of little jobs around the house. If I have only a few coins in my pocket which I could say I've only got a few bits and bobs left!

  6. Thanks, I've got my 2nd mapping on Monday and I think I need the volume to go louder, was hearing too much shhh sounds but not too bad now and I guessing the brain is learning to accept the new sounds. The sounds I'm not too keen on but should of getting used to it, it's car rumbling noise, a bit like low pitch distorted sounds - hit and miss. Similar to radio tuning when searching for a station. I'm pleased to hear from you there's room for improvement!

  7. From what I understand, anything up to 12 months so don't panic, you won't lose your taste and everybody time frame is difference. I have very slight metallic taste but not always noticeable, the strange thing is that you get used to it although it's only temporary.


    When I was in Egypt their white wine tasted like bleach and was disgusting but after a few days you get used to it! When I went home and have my own white wine I couldn't stand the taste of it until I got used to it again!  It's to do the ways our brain works the same as mickey mouse sounds from the CI which is only temporary

  8. Karen - I'm using the ipad for the audi books rather  than the CD version, go to “App Store” icon, type in the search box top right hand corner and type in “Oxford University Press”

    Chose which book from the library then click onto it for further details, at the moment I have “ Sherlock Holmes Stage 1” £5.49, the sounds quality is crystal clear, could be a little louder but it’s acceptable.


    In your Med-el suitcase there should be a jack phone kit to connect from processor to ipad

  9. Understandable, this was one of my question I asked the consultant, they would not do any implant surgery if there's a chance you may not hear out of it. Although we may not hear all the 12 electrode arrays sounds but even it's 50% is still good! Remember when the first cochlear implant started there was only 1 electrode array and they coped okay!

  10. Not too bad at the moment, another word I coped almost straight away but I haven't got all the sounds yet so it's still early days. Got the remote control for difference volume settings for which I would prefer, all this is just for audiologists information for the next appointment. I can hear my keyboards tapping, I can hear the bicycle wheel or chains rattling passing me, newspaper rattling, also I can my wife mobile phone ringing in another room quite easily, female voice is slightly harder to understand but I haven't got all sounds yet


    Meredith Segal quoted:

    I have several questions for those that have Med-El:


    1) I've noticed that sounds, words and music use to be well rounded (3-D if you will) with regards to tones and pitches rising and falling with each breath. Recently, I've noticed that hearing anything is more flat and one steady tone and pitch (monotone). Will Med-El help restore the 3-D sounds that I remember hearing?


    Not sure what you mean by 3-D, I'm guessing what we called stereo sounds? At the end of the day and if you got no choice then the Cochlear Implant does put BTE hearing aids in the shade


    2) I'm not fond of carrying a remote around with me, I've got fears of leaving it somewhere. Sticking it in my jeans and throwing the jeans in the wash (only to remember too late that the remote is being washed), what do I need a remote for? Will I need to carry it with me all the time? Do the CI's have volume adjustment controls on the processor like my Phonak hearing aids do?


    You don't have to and there are many users who don't bother, just got switch on yesterday and I'm carry the remote control for a few weeks just for information for my implant centre with difference programmes the audiologists need to know, to start with they give you 4 difference volume level if it's get too much and which level volume you prefer for them to adjust for the next appointment.


    3) Is there room to add more technology in the future, or am I stuck in a current strategy without the possiblity to "upgrade"? With the "upgrades" to better technology in the future, is it done externally via the processor or do I need to go through another implant surgery to get upgrades?


    Yes I was told it's upgradeable


    4) Are the signals in the implant all activated at the same time? Or are only a few actually turned on and used at any given time?


    I was born profound deafness therefore they are only given me a small set amount of difference sounds so my brain can learn to hear them clearly then the next appointment they will give me more and so on I will get all the maximum sounds available over a period of a few weeks.


    5) What is the difference between the different processors? Is one better than another??


    Difference need for difference deafness level including difference electrode arrays for difference shape and size of your cochlear, my deafness better hearing is at the back of the cochlear therefore they used a soft electrode arrays to reach the the end of the cochlear for the maximum sounds, I now have all 12 electrode points working.



    I have an appointment coming up in two weeks to talk to another surgeon who implants Med-El but I want to get first hand knowledge from people that have Med-El and actually use them daily.


    Write down everything you can think of as you may forget what to ask when you're there!! What I did I email loads of question to the audiologists before seeing the surgeon. They were very helpful even though there were 67 questions I wanted to know!


  12. No didn't see it, eventfully I think all surgery incision will be glue in the future.


    I thought my Cochlear Implant packed up or battery problem, I was working away at the back of the wardrobe fitting an extra power socket for my CI rechargeable battery charger, my Cochlear Implant was hanging on the metal curtain rail held by the magnet coil and that's why I couldn't hear lol!

  13. My consultant is happy how I'm progressing but not happy with the pain I'm getting however will seeing me in 4 weeks follow up appointment. They still think it's early days and I need more time to recover, most likely to be the nerves tissues are still healing. On that note they have decided to switched me on to take my mind of it!

    Day 1

    Right it's early day and only been hearing the new sounds a few hours to get used to it, I'm not getting any Micky mouse or tinny sounds at the moment, I'm hearing more difference sounds I have never heard before. I'm getting weird look from others when I'm trying to locate where the sounds are coming from, I thought I better get out of the hospital in case they keep me in thinking I'm a nutter needed treatment lol! Female voice are harder to understand at the moment but not impossible, the car journey I can hear the tyres on the road rumbling which I don't like, my wife said she hear it all the time but don't noticed until I pointed it out and was told welcome to the real hearing world!

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