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  1. The link was really useful. Thanks Mary Beth!
  2. I see that Gripwear is sold in a package of 12. Can a single one be worn multiple times? If so, can you give an approximate number of times? And does Gripwear make a big difference in Rondo’s ability to stay on?
  3. ChicagoIris


    Just want to thank all of you for the helpful suggestions. Putting on the Waterwear is a lot easier now. Thanks!
  4. ChicagoIris


    I used Waterwear and a headband in the pool. What a great experience to splash around with my grandson and hear! However, putting the waterproof cover on the Rondo is difficult and took quite a while. Does anyone have a technique/tip to simplify the process?
  5. Thanks to all of you who replied to my initial query. When I was implanted in November, my audi held back one of the CIs to trade in for a Rondo when it became available. I've been using the Rondo for about 2 months now. Initally there was a problem with fall off but a #2 magnet more or less fixed that. Then the attachment clip broke so I was scared to wear it until fixed which it now is. After I had some reprogramming done last week, my audi said I have one more month to make a final decision whether to keep the Rondo. The problem is the sound quality. The Opus-2 is so much better but it seems like I am the only one having this problem. I did not notice that much of a difference before it was reprogrammed but then, I seldom used because of the problems mentioned above. Am I the only one saying the quality is inferior? I understand it is the same processor but there is a big difference in the sound. I need to make a decision very soon whether to swap it for another Opus-2; I would like to keep the Rondo but not with the quality it currently has.
  6. I would like to hear from Rondo users as to how the sound quality compares to an Opus 2 ----- same, better or worse.
  7. My favorite is Angelsound. It is the most comprehensive program I've found and can be used from the internet or offline once it has been downloaded. There is no charge as it is supported by a foundation.
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