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  1. Cedric, battery life is quite good. the device can be charging while in use! a female voice will tell you, "battery low" so if in the car, for example, and your cell phone charger has an extra USB plug, you can plug the cord into it. the same voice tells you device connected, device two connected, call terminated, etc. it has the correct protocol to be listening to music, pause the music when a call is received and then pick up the song or TV when the call is completed. it has call waiting, caller ID, the ability to talk to Siri, iPhone, or other smart phone assistant, call rej
  2. Sophie, That is incredible news. Is it possible that NHS has seen the light? Yay for you! John
  3. Cédric, I have been using the Quattro 4.0 for well over a year, and used its predecessor, the Quattro for several years. The 4.0 was issued to me as part of my patient kit and I use it constantly. It is paired with my iPhone, and landline phone. The detachable microphone does come in handy and the improved version of it comes with both a lanyard with a docking station for the charger as well as a magnet so you can clip the microphone to a piece of clothing. Much easier to use. I find that the 4.0 has some great features such as remembering multiple devices and the ability to recharg
  4. Judith, Hearing and understanding with a CI are 2 seprate topics. The good news is that you can already hear with your new CI. Understanding does take some effort and time. This is a journey, not a sprint. Keep your initial expectations at a reasonable level. Sandy gave you some invaluable advice about learning how to understand the sounds around you. It will come. Best wishes.
  5. Thong, welcome to HearPeers and there are clinics in Houston. you can search here: http://www.medel.com/us/clinic-finder/. I wear bilateral MedEl Cis and can tell tell you that my experience for both speech and music understanding and speech is very good. The Complete Cochlear Coverage approach and atraumatic insertion with a highly flexible electrode and various electrode lengths allow you to have a great hearing experience. My MedEL CIs gave me back the gift of hearing!
  6. Madeline, Going bilateral offers incredible benefits over remaining unilateral. If you qualify, go for it!
  7. Rob, way to go! Great news for you. Sorry about you being in NJ and having to eat at Olive Garden. Look forward to reading your posts.
  8. Elaine, there is no top age to get a CI. Start the exploration process, now. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  9. Hi Beth Anne, welcome to the wonderful world of trying to make a decision about cochlear implants. They are wonderful devices and can be frustrating at the same time. I tried for over 3 years to qualify for a CI before I was approved. You and your daughter need to go talk to a clinic which specializes in CIs. There are specific guidelines for hearing loss which must be met beforehand. here's a link to help you: www.medel.com/us/clinic-finder/ https://www.google.com/search?q=find%20a%20clinic,%20medel&sourceid=ie7&rls=com.microsoft:%7Blanguage%7D:%7Breferrer:source%7D&ie=%7Binp
  10. David, I went to Durham in June and am actually going back in 2 weeks. while the new versions of FSP are loaded, I am not using them, yet. Leslie, my audi, suggested that I give each new program at least a week or so before transitioning. I will go to a new mapping strategy later this week. Keep in mind that music is not the only thing that is affected by these new releases. I am looking forward to reporting back on my impressions. thanks
  11. David, are you sure that Mike le Tigre would approve of you head being so large? just asking!
  12. I had someone come up to me in the checkout line at the library and ask me if my RONDII were to help migraines. At least she had the courage to ask what they were!
  13. David, coming soon, we hope, to a RONDO near you!
  14. Hi Eric, you may find, as time goes on, that waterproof processors are good but really shouldn't be the largest determinant in choosing a brand. What is much more important is how it allows you to hear regulatory history with the FDA, technological research and development and comfort. I wear bilateral RONDOs and on occasion, bilateral OPUS2 and while it might be nice to have waterproof or water resistant processors it is not that big of a deal. The WaterWear accessory for the RONDO will be a great thing but you will still need to have an additional way to keep the processors in place when
  15. Lisa, we will now have to change your title to she who is a true rock star! As such, I have to find a piece of granite worthy of being used as a fitting momento of your status! That is really great news. Congrats!
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