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  1. Hello, my name's Erik. I guess I've never properly introduced myself around here, so I might as well say "Hi, I'm Erik and I'm curious about hearing implants." But on a more serious note, I just wanted to let you all know that my last day working for MED-EL is tomorrow, May 25. It's been a fantastic (almost) four years at MED-EL and now am in one of those times that's ripe for change. Ben is still around, and after I'm gone will be our/MED-EL's main go-to guy for all things social media. I'll be deleting my user account as a matter of course, so there won't be any way to contact
  2. Hi T.! Welcome to HearPeers! I'm sure this is a really exciting time for you and your grandson, and there are lots of different ways that you can help him build language skills. One place I'd recommend going is the MED-EL blog, where we've got over a hundred different articles that have hands-on information about building language skills. Here are two ones we've recently posted, which I think would help you out in the next month: 5 Things to Do Before Your Child Receives a Cochlear Implant Help Your Child Develop Language Skills with Rhymes And you can check out all the articles her
  3. Hi Luqman, as Mary said I help moderate this forum. I'll send you a PM with some information about who you can talk with at MED-EL.
  4. Hi Lucy, I'll send you a private message with some contact info for our MED-EL representative for Honolulu!
  5. Here you go: you can order them by contacting your local MED-EL representative. We've got a contact form to do that, on our website! http://www.medel.com/waterwear
  6. Hey Kara, Ivana, thanks for the suggestions! The idea about people in the company...right now let's just say I've got some stuff in progress for the mid-term. Good to hear that it already has support. Kara, what kind of FAQs would you look for? How to do/use...what? Adult rehab, I understand! We're working with the rehab department for those posts, and we know there's a bunch of child-directed rehab and are trying to get more adult stuff in there. With the accessories, that's difficult for me (working from the headquarters) because so much of it is area-dependent. One product that's in c
  7. That's an awesome quote, Elaine!
  8. Hey gang, (first time starting a thread here, oh boy!) I've got a question about articles on our blog, and I'd like your ideas. Are there specific topics you'd like to learn about, that you'd like us to write about? Are there hearing implant-related questions that you've got--or know other people have? While I know there are some topics I wouldn't be able to cover (company secrets, specific medical advice, country-specific info, or sometimes there's information that just isn't available to me), I'm open to suggestions. If it adds anything, here are the posts that have been vi
  9. If you want to keep writing, Adam just let me know! What could we talk about, what would people want to hear about?
  10. Hey Elaine, if you're looking for your previous posts the quickest way is to go to your user profile. Then click the tab named "Topics," and up will pop all the threads you've started. Just click on the name of a specific thread, like "Activation Day," and that'll take you straight to the full thread. Here's what it looks like: I hope that helps!
  11. Hey all, I'll ask our technical team to see what can be done! As another possibility, it's also possible to go to a "New content" page where you can see everything that's been posted in the last 24 hours, week, two weeks, month, etc. -- or sorting by "unread," or what's been posted since your last visit. Here's the link: http://forum.hearpeers.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=viewNewContent&search_app=forums
  12. If you're confused, I must have done something wrong. The tool has some checkbox or radio button options on the side to select specific parameters. When you select some, it updates the URL to link directly to the phones that match the set parameters. So, to answer your question Ivana: the link in the article goes straight to all telecoil-enabled phones. I'll update the text in the article to hopefully make it more clear.
  13. Hey Iris! Good to have you here. RONDO by design is pretty skin-tight, so Mary Beth's right that it can be a bit tough the first time. I've got some additional information about how to apply it that I'll send to you in a private message--unfortunately due to regulatory reasons I'm not able to make it public right now, so if anybody else has a question about it just shoot me a PM and we can talk behind "closed doors." Hope that doesn't sound too secretive, it's just because of non-MED-EL legal regulations.
  14. Hi Outoforder, thanks for writing to us. I'm not a doctor, so can't give you any specific advice on the echoes that you say you're hearing, but what I have done is sent this on to our MED-EL USA team so that they know about it. I recommend keeping your audiologist informed about what's going on, and getting in touch with your local MED-EL representative as well. So I'll send you a private message with more information about your representative.
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