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  1. Thank you Sarah. I checked their website and it looks promising. I may need to alter it for the wire to the coil, but that shouldn't be much of a problem. They are a little pricey but they come in pairs and would most likely last a long time. I'm still going to try putting some type of a pocket on a headband (sweatband). I may even try to stitch one of the Ear Gear covers to the headband. thank you, jdw
  2. My implant was activated in July of this year, so I'm still new and learning. I have the Opus 2 on my left side, my right ear does not have an implant. It is still marginally functional, but not enough to be of any real use by itself in public, even with adjunct of some lip reading. I need the CI to communicate. I'm in my late 50s and trying to strengthen my heart by increasing my exercise level. I perspire easily and the problem is that if I wear my CI device, after only 10 or 15 minutes moisture causes it to start distorting sound and it will very quickly shut off. I've had to replace two rechargeable batteries in the past month. One time the speech processor got very hot, but it didn't burn-out. I think that was the occasion that ruined one of the batteries. I always put it in the drying box as quickly as I can after something like that and, so far, the processor is still working. Now, when I exercise, I take it off at the first signs of perspiration on my head and wrap it in tissue or something to keep it dry. This would be fine if I didn't need to hear. Sometimes when I walk/run our dog, I'll just remove it till I've cooled. It's a different story if I'm walking or exercising with other people such as in an exercise class. For example, in something like a Yoga class I must be able to hear to follow the instructions and that is impossible once I remove the device. It's the same for any thing else. Even walking with my wife is a problem if it's a warm evening because we can't even talk. (yes, I know, some husbands would think not hearing the wife to be a good thing. And, yes, on occasion, I've switched it off when the discussion gets too loud, but seriously, it's just not reliable at the first sign of sweat.) Is there anyone else who exercises and has found a way to deal with the moisture? I've considered taking a headband and making some sort of pocket where I could put the device, but I haven't tried that yet. I have other ideas too, but the headband seems the easiest to do. My complaint is the device is totally not resistant to moisture. I would think they could at least have some type of seal between the pieces. Just a neoprene gasket or something. As it is now, there isn't any means of protecting it. I would think they understand that a device that's worn next to a person's skin would be made to resist moisture, dirt, and body oils. Shouldn't that be designed into it? Any suggestions? Thank you. P.S. All-in-all, I'm happy with it and after a gradual loss of hearing over many years, it's a tremendous improvement and help.
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