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  1. Does anyone in the US plan on going to any of the Walk4Hearing walks? They just announced the 2013 dates so you should find a walk near you! www.walk4hearing.org I've never gone before, but I am planning on attending this year and am really excited about raising money for a cause that is near and dear to my heart!
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    To make myself clear I am not a cochlear implanter, but I've been implanted with the middle ear implant which uses the Amade processor. And since I really like to keep up on things for hearing impaired users like myself I've taken a few glances at the newly announced Rondo for cochlear implanters and from what I've read it seems to have some of the same features as my processor, the Amade. I also noticed a few of the same questions I had when I first received this implant/processor. How will it stay on? How will I use headphones? How will I be able to use the telephone? I have to say, it took a lot of re-learning and a lot of research to be able to tackle these now seemingly simple fixes. How will/How well does it stay on? - Honestly, I've never had my processor ever "fall" off my head. However, my processor came with fishing line and a small metal clip that I was able to clip into my hair. So if the situation were ever to arise where it might fall off it would simply dangle from my hair. The only place I felt uncomfortable with it would be at amusement parks. I took it off to ride those lighting speed roller coasters in fear that it would blow out of my hair too. Yikes. I also read that a lot of VSB users with the Amade would wear headbands and tight hats when exercising and other high activities to keep their processor in place. In my particular experience, wearing hats/headbands does not seem to get in the way of the microphone picking up sounds and I don't receive any feedback or scuffling noises from it being up against it. How will I use headphones? - I've had some difficulties with this one. It's not until recently that I've really found something with a better solution than what I was using. As a vibrant young adult I enjoy music and watching Netflix on the computer... So I really struggled with using headphones. At first I wore over the head headphones, but placed the piece that would normally go over the head across my forehead. This works pretty well, but is obviously silly looking and not very comfy. After looking at other options I found a site called www.tookshats.com. There you will find headbands and even hats that will let you move the left and right side receiver anywhere within the headband. For me, this was a major plus because I am only implanted unilaterally. So I was able to move the receiver to my implant, but also able to reach my ear level. What a blessing that find has been. My next step would be to see if I could find better receivers to place in the headband. Will I be able to use the telephone and will the other person be able to hear me? - Simply, yes and yes. As we know it takes lots and lots of adjusting after implanting... For me, the telephone was another of those hard, but doable adjustments. At first for me, phones that have indents where the sound is coming out were significantly easier to use with my implant. After becoming adjusted to lifting my phone just slightly higher to the processor it just becomes habit. I would advise for the first few times to have someone run a few "test calls" with you to get the feel of it. I've never had any problems with the other person being able to hear me. I find that a lot of cellular phones even place the microphone on the bottom of the phone rather than on the front or back of the phone. So any scuffling from running up against your cheek seems to be non-existent. I thought I would share my similar experiences to those of you having some questions, when it seems that the cochlear Rondo and the VSB Amade are having similar features. I'm also willing to answer any questions if you have any.
  3. I'm a VSB user. I was implanted unilaterally on my left ear in June 2010 and activated in August 2010. I absolutely love my implant and feel that it is so much better than hearing aids. I would recommend this implant to anybody who is dissatisfied with their hearing aids. I was looking to find another VSB user to share experiences with and tricks or tips that they use with their VSB. Unlike the cochlear, the VSB doesn't have the iPod plug in capability and since the microphone is on the VSB itself, I find it hard to use headphones to listen to music. Have any of you found any tricks to use headphones?
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