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  1. The battery cover on my Sonnet failed within a few months, as did the mic cover. The battery cover developed a long crack and the vent piece came loose. I believe that the cause is the o- ring — it is too large in diameter so when the cover is pushed up into position, the o-ring stresses the cover, eventually causing it to crack. My Audi says she has seen several sonnets with this proble. MedEl needs to redesign the cover, and in the meantime replace it as needed regardless of the one year warranty.
  2. ljones

    OPUS 2 and FM ALDs

    I have been wearing the Rondo for over one year and am very active, including sailboat racing and motorcycle riding. Initially I attached the leash to my eyeglasses/sunglasses "strap" which works fine. But just had cataract surgery including lens replacement, so no more glasses. I am considering having a ring inserted in my upper ear rim and will attach the leash to that. Has anyone used a direct connection between the Opus 2 standard processor w. FM battery cover and one or two "shotgun" mics? I hope to build a setup of this sort for improving hearing and especially fidelity at outdoor music concerts, and in noisy (e.g. restaurant) situations. The main issue in constructing this concerns what sort of amplifier/batteryy pack to use between the microphone(s) and the audio input on the OPUS 2. Any suggestions or relevant experience? Anyone happen to know the pin assignments and input/output specs for the audio (3 pin ) jack on the OPUS 2 FM cover? BTW the prices of the FM systems ( Phonak, Comfort Audio etc are ridiculous) so not even tempted to buy one of those. Will appreciate any and all suggestions and advice. Larry Jones
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