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  1. Hello Allison We too had the same experience. You can take it slow but if you want progress dont wait to long to activate a new program. Since my son is busy at school I told his SLP to change his program at school. Thatway he doesnt even know if it is louder or program higher. If I do that at home he got mad and threw the CI away. That was when he was at pre-K @ 3 1/2. Now he is almost 7 and in first grade mainstream. If you have Audiologist, speech therapist, school teacher and you at home working together you will succeed more than you think. My husband and I are still in shock
  2. Hi Paul, I totaly understand what you are experiencing. My son was implanted at 3 and again at 5. Now he is almost 7. We went through a lot of lot of cables. They are very delicate so be careful your son dont pull on them too much. My son Sam sweats a lot behind ears so the moisture shuts down the processor. Take it appart every night to dry it. Also clean the parts with rubbing alcohol that helps a lot. If your CI came with the option to clip his CI on his shirt, use it,thatway at least 1 will be working if the other is moist. People at MED EL are very helpful and if I need anything t
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