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  1. Hi all again. Thanks to all for your support. We really appreciate About what Ivana comments: Seems I sitll don't fully understand Samba features I I'll check with the audi about the convenience for Diego on next revision and will inform all of you. One question: Switching from one program to another is done authomatically or do you handle it through the remote? Best regards.
  2. Hi again. Yes, the audi told us about availability of other programs, but as we are on the first "try" we are now on the process of finding the "base" map and then will adapt. Also, we know that as we depend on Diego's feedback, fine tuning of programs will take more time than on an adult. BTW, we've only tryed varta´s powerone for implant so far.
  3. Hi there! Regarding the fm, we still don't use it (and don't know if we will ever need it or not) but in case we do, the miniTek, as far as I know will be able to connect to the fm system and in turn will send the signal to the samba. Also, I think to have readed somewhere that miniTek communicates with Samba through a protocol that is optimized for lower power comsumption. Bluetooth protocol presents a high level of power comsuption, and this an important matter when all the power comes from a small battery. Take this sentence with prudence as I cannot guarantee is right. About the waterwear, I commented with the Medel representatives that we are really interested on it. I guess that if all of us transmit the same message, they will be prone to attend us. After all waterwear for samba doesn't need a special investigation process, just adapt the mold to the samba size...
  4. Ok, it has been a month since activation and this is the update: Diego is getting used to the new way of hearing and seems to be able to distinguish better even in noisy enviroments, but still soon to say if he will need or not fm at school. He is learning to pay attention to the teacher and not to his noisy mates. When wearing BTE, the fm help him to concentrate and this is a new situation for him. Inflamation in the implant zone has lowered a lot. I'm still able to locate the implant but now it seems reasonable. No pain when we touch the zone. We have had to lower the magnet to number 1, because even with number two, his skin seemed irritated by the end of day. It also makes easier to drop the sambas, but I've attached them to shirt clip so no danger on dropping them to the floor. We also tried number 1 with activity clip, but seems to irritate the skin, so we will wait till his skin matures. We (and he) are really happy with the change with the only "but" that samba processors seems to be more exposed to "accidents" than BTE (an important matter for childrens) due to location. Batteries seem to last even more than the BTE ones. More than a full week. Best regards to all
  5. Activated! First impressions are really good. Diego first comment was "Oh, I hear really loud now". We needed to change the magnet from 3 to 2 as his skin quickly become irritated. Processor adjustment took a few rounds of programming and testing but nothing really complicated. After that he seems to be extremely happy with his BB. A good sympthom is that he now listen to TV at a much lower level than before. We still need to experiment on noisy environments. We returned home by train and when we walked beside the engine he asked me why the train engine sounded so loud now. We will keep informing about our findings. Best regards to all.
  6. Thanks for the info! I've uploaded some pictures to onedrive showing bandage just after the surgery, suture points when the bandage was removed, after removing suture points and a picture with a "fake" BB I build Yes, he has got a BIG xmas gift After surgery https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=596069BAD2F6BD8A!45209&authkey=!AC0YEmv0H1ctaoE&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg Suture points https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=596069BAD2F6BD8A!45210&authkey=!ALobq60zeqaSleU&v=3&ithint=photo%2cJPG Suture points removed https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=596069BAD2F6BD8A!45213&authkey=!AB8Giu1hYi6TGX8&v=3&ithint=photo%2cJPG With fake BB https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=596069BAD2F6BD8A!45212&authkey=!AC7-GWkalE__Xoo&v=3&ithint=photo%2cJPG
  7. Hi again. This weekend we removed all the suture points. I was willing to upload some images to let everybody see how do they look, but I'm not able to see how to attach images as the image tool asks for a url. In the other hand, everything is fine. Absolutely no pain. Skin inflamation where the magnet receptor is placed has lowered but skin still feel somehow "bumpy". I can easily track with my fingers where the inner part it is located but Diego shows no pain when touched. Is this a permanent condition? I guess that in a child skull is easier to locate. BTW: Wish all hearpeers merry christmas and new year!
  8. Good luck! We'll be activated 8th jan. All the best to you. Keep us informed
  9. :DThanks to all for your support! We will posting more news as we progress! Best regards
  10. Hi again! We're back at home! Surgery went really fine. BB perfectly fit with no extra complication. Took around 3 hours and a quarter for both ears. Diego recovered quite fast. The few first 12 hours were slightly harder as he felt dizzy due to anaestesia and manipulation, but as he started eating normally (he initially felt some pain chewing) he fully recovered, so just one day at hospital. Now he is wearing his BTE hearing aids like if it were earings to avoid contact with scar bandage so he is able to hear. Scar is just behind ear so no future trace of it expected. After surgery a few (really few) blood drops appeared in his nose but seems to be normal. Didn't appear again after. Activation is scheduled for 8 jan 2016, a month later. We will ask Medel for the silicone cover to get extra protection and a couple of adtional covers (Diego likes the ones with the Jolly Roger - pirate theme) Confirmed that right now, no waterwear is available for samba. We will insiste with the local representatives. Thanks againt to all. Feel free to send any question
  11. Hi. Thanks to all for your support, I really apreciate it! Don't worry: Diego is doing really good and he holds a perfectly normal life at 99%. Yes, we are planning wainting to see how Diego develops without the help of fm and then we will decide if we explore the miniTek option or not. Surgeon is Doctor Manrique from Clinica Universitaria de Navarra. In my opinion, he is simply the best in Spain (and we've visited quite a lot) and probably one of the best in the world, not only from the technical point of view, but also for his humanity (Diego calls him "my friend the surgeon"). My (small) doubts about BB results come from the simple fact that medicine is not an exact science, but I trust 100% Doctor Manrique recomendations. Yes, he has extensive experience in SoundBridge, bonebridge, inner ear prothesis and implants as he pioneered all this treatments here in Spain several decades ago. Unfortunately, I'm not a pro so I can't further detail you about Diego findings. I need to say that he has accurately predicted the evolution of Diego since the very beginning where others have failed both with diagnosis and the recommended treatment. Oh yes! we are inconditional fans of him! A funny detail about Diego: He had to receive several sessions of a specially painful treatement, and after the first one, this is the conversation we held: Me: Are you fine? Diego: Oh yes, it's just the moment... by the way dad... you are going to buy me something to compensate me, right?... Me: Oh yes Diego, you deserve something for your brave behaviour... Diego: Great! Then, I would like to have another session tomorrow. Can we? Pleeeeeeease. This guy is really tough...and a great negociator :lol:
  12. Spain. We have both private insurance and the national health system. Here, the national health system provides full cost of one or two cochlear implants when they apply or hearing aids partial refunding: you receive 1.500 € each four years as much. Private insurance doesn't cover the material neither, just medical assistance. Best Regards
  13. Great to know! Glad to wait for the samba as our health insurance covers absolutely nothing on hearing aids, implants and so on... 100% financied by the "Myself Bank" (bye bye retirement savings... ). I better start saving again for the next gen...
  14. Very interesting feedback. Thanks! Well, on the paper, Diego's worst frequencies on bone conduction are on high frequencies that are around 25-30 db. Surgeon told us that the ear malformation for him is usually acompanied of some kind of facial nerve misplacement, so it was no surprise. About the miniTek, I was asking cause Diego uses a FM system at school, and we need to find the best combination with the new bonebridge. Not sure to which degree he will still depend on fm. He is in a bilingual school and till now he makes extensive use of FM for english, but no so dependant for spanish. We will see... We also need to protect his processors against sweat: a 6-year boy is soooo active.... We will check with Medel. About the other malformations, he was born with ano-rectal atresia, no anal opening, poor pelvis muscles and a section of intestines missing so surgeons streched the remaining intestine, and opened a neo-anus. Usually this kind of malformation comes with a lot of other problems, but fortunately Diego presents no other and now he works fine with the only help of a daily enema. We've been really lucky. Despite of all his adventures, he is a really strong boy, both mentally and phisically. He is anger to get his new "ears" and shows no fear of surgery. Best regards. Javier
  15. Hi again! First, thanks to all for your support. I'll be glad to share the news about Diego (our son) with all of you. About how we choose Bonebridge over Soundbrige... well, it was surgeon decision. The first option he explored was an internal prothesis for replacing the entire bone chain. Unfortunately, the facial nerve was in a position that leaves no room for him to operate without compromising a potential facial paralisis. I guess that the abnormal position of the nerve discarded also the Soundbridge. Nevertheless, we are excited about the bonebridge option. As I've said, he is actually doing quite good with the BTE and BoneBridge could raise the good results even more. Not really worried about the surgery, as this is his 7th "match". He was born also with a severe malformation on the guts (now mainly normalized ) that has taken him 5 times to major, massive, high risk and invasive surgery (wow...). 6th was the failed try for the prothesis, so this one is just anecdotical for us... . I have a clear idea that bonebridge hearing will be superior in quality. My only doubt is about if the bonebridge will be able to provide enough power in all the frequencies Diego needs as Fredrik and Knickohr pointed out on another thread. I know this is something the surgeon has already taken into account, but I'll double check with him. And well, we always have the option of going back to BTE. In that case it will just be a matter of a few thousand euros less in my bank account. Ivana, just a few questions: Sorry if you already replied in other thread, had some problems with my account and haven't been able to fully access the forum. Trying to do my homework as fast as possible.... How deep is your hearing loss on bone? How much do the batteries usually last? Did you try the siemens miniTek? If so, what are your impressions about it? Do you know if some kind of water proof protection is available for the samba? Oh... one thing more. To get a quick and dirty test about the ability of Diego of hearing through bone, we bought him bone conduction headphones. Results were good even when the coupling through skin is obviously worst than through bone. He uses to watch his favourite youtube videos with them. Best regards and again, BIG thanks to all of you
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