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    jadepedro got a reaction from bigguns in Bonebridge for 6 years old boy   
    Ok, it has been a month since activation and this is the update:
    Diego is getting used to the new way of hearing and seems to be able to distinguish better even in noisy enviroments, but still soon to say if he will need or not fm at school. He is learning to pay attention to the teacher and not to his noisy mates. When wearing BTE, the fm help him to concentrate and this is a new situation for him.
    Inflamation in the implant zone has lowered a lot. I'm still able to locate the implant but now it seems reasonable. No pain when we touch the zone.
    We have had to lower the magnet to number 1, because even with number two, his skin seemed irritated by the end of day. It also makes easier to drop the sambas, but I've attached them to shirt clip so no danger on dropping them to the floor. We also tried number 1 with activity clip, but seems to irritate the skin, so we will wait till his skin matures.
    We (and he) are really happy with the change with the only "but" that samba processors seems to be more exposed to "accidents" than BTE (an important matter for childrens) due to location.
    Batteries seem to last even more than the BTE ones. More than a full week.
    Best regards to all 
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    jadepedro got a reaction from bigguns in Bonebridge for 6 years old boy   
    First impressions are really good. Diego first comment was "Oh, I hear really loud now". We needed to change the magnet from 3 to 2 as his skin quickly become irritated. Processor adjustment took a few rounds of programming and testing but nothing really complicated. After that he seems to be extremely happy with his BB. A good sympthom  is that he now listen to TV at a much lower level than before. We still need to experiment on noisy environments. We returned home by train and when we walked beside the engine he asked me why the train engine sounded so loud now.
    We will keep informing about our findings.
    Best regards to all.
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    jadepedro got a reaction from ColinY in What Bonebridge does NOT have...?   
    Hi there!
    Regarding the fm, we still don't use it (and don't know if we will ever need it or not) but in case we do, the miniTek, as far as I know will be able to connect to the fm system and in turn will send the signal to the samba.
    Also, I think to have readed somewhere that miniTek communicates with Samba through a protocol that is optimized for lower power comsumption. Bluetooth protocol presents a high level of power comsuption, and this an important matter when all the power comes from a small battery. Take this sentence with prudence as I cannot guarantee is right.
    About the waterwear, I commented with the Medel representatives that we are really interested on it. I guess that if all of us transmit the same message, they will be prone to attend us. After all waterwear for samba doesn't need a special investigation process, just adapt the mold to the samba size...
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