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  1. Ivana! As I said " Havn´t been able to try the Samba cause to Swedish healthcare rules. MedEl won´t let me try one neither. Opportunity to change , Hmmm maybe when Amade is out of stock. Then maybe.... I guess. Of course I can always by it myself, for about 3500 euro. But I´m not made of money, so. /Fredrik
  2. Remember that rechargeable 675 batteries has much shorter working time.
  3. Hi! I´m ok.. forum was closed for a while, so I lost it. And later much focus has been on youngest son abut hearing , school and stuff. He´s getting the MedEl EAS system on his left side in two weeks from now. We have struggled a lot with feelings about that his hearing is so bad after all, That he needs a implant to hear better. etc ,,etc To us, a better hearing is not obvious to 100% . We can choose him to enter the deaf world also. We have some sign language to hang on to. If you don´t have children you woulden´t know, but that how it is. About my Amade, the first one is
  4. Hi Colin! I would more describe it as a Beep Beep sound. And yes , some security gates have that effect. But in my case, my Bonebridge beeps in only one particually store. No one else I have asked my tech guy about that and he couldn´t explain why. But was happy about my feedback /Fredrik
  5. Hi! Why doesn´t Bonebridge get aproval by FDA in USA? It has been aproved for northern europe now for over 2 and half year. Does anyone now? /Fredrik
  6. I thought it was understood, that it was obvious that the earpiece would cover the receiver also. What I mean is, understood that the earphone should be large enough to cover the entire ear, and with this, cover receiver completely also. /Fredrik
  7. Hi! It´s not impossible to use headphones with Bonebridge. It´s all, as always, about the setup in softwere. And it has to be the correct type of headphones. I recommend a type that covers all the ear. I use these http://www.philips.com.au/c-p/SHD8600_79/digital-wireless-headphones when i´m watching Tv an Movies. It gives me a wondeful experience in stereosound that I never hade a chanse to get before, just love it. /Fredrik
  8. FOI Swedish price for a single amadé reciver is around 3100 euro. The Samba reciver price policy will be pretty much the same. If you would like to compare..... /Fredrik
  9. Hi! I must agree with Thomas there. There is a lack of power with the BB. I´m born with left side atresia and have been using my BB for 2 years now. My bone conductive hearing is 10dB. And I´m very close to max power now in the reciver. (depending wich program i´ll use) I´ll hope a new upgraded model will have extended frequence range and more outpot power. /Fredrik
  10. Post-activation follow-up! Went for my activation appointment on Thursday (Sept 25), only to discover that even the #5 magnet won't keep the Amade on my noggin! Very disappointed. I now have a consult with the audiologist and the surgeon(s) on Oct 8th to see whether there's anything that can be done without opening up my head again. Hi! I use magnet n:o 5 , N:o 4 wasn´t strong enough. If you have very thick skin, there might be an issue. Good luck /Fredrik
  11. Really cool skins to your CI´s . I want one too, to my bonebridge, instead of my hospital-grey. But it probably won´t happen. /Fredrik
  12. Aurrelie Hi Thank´s for sharing pics. Like Thomas from Germany the cut is very close to the outher ear. Have you seen my cut? It´s in somewere BB thread........ Yes I had trouble sleeping the first 3-4 nights because i like to sleep on my side, right or left. And could only sleep on my right, so.... The night at the hospital I had to take a morfin injection to sleep. The painkillers didn´t work to well. Now wait 6 weeks or what, to get the reciver in gear.? /Fredrik
  13. Ivana, we expect a full and detailed report. For my it was more important "to feel" the music again - and I can do that. I have spent whole evening listening all types of music and I am satisfied. Of course, I will continue to explore what I can get but personally, I am amazed how slight adjustment can change whole feeling. Yesterday, music was so plain: I could hear it, but without timbre it was shallow, technically empty.... I could not even say it was technically cold... It was empty - straight line on heart monitor. Today totally something different - even on simple laptop loudspeaker
  14. And another gay waiting for activation : ME Surgery was 4 weeks ago, will get my Amané next week. Hope, it will be as good as the BAHA or better ! Thomas It´s gonna be lightyears better. The capacity of picking up sounds with the Amadé and the frequens response, ohhh yeaaaa!! No worries about the glasses I can see. Good surgery /Fredrik
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