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  1. Did anyone have a problem with the loudness of their voice. Prior to my implant everyone complained that my voice was too low and they couldn't hear me. Now I talk too loud. Is this because of all the background noises that I now hear. How did you overcome this problem?
  2. Sandy


    Hi John, thanks for the information. When I went for activation, I asked about a second implant. Currently, our health care system only allows for one implant for adults but does allow two for children. I was told they are working to try to change this. Unfortunately, wearing a HA will probably not be an option as the hearing in my right ear is too far gone. The CI., even after only one week, has made a world of difference and will only get better as my brain catches up. The sounds are still very high pitched and voices Minnie an Mickey Mouse but they are so clear that there is only the odd time I need to ask someone to repeat what they said.
  3. Sandy


    Me too. That is one cool T-shirt!
  4. I agree with some of the misconceptions too. I was activated this past Monday with the Rondo and the first day home I started getting telephone calls! Had to let friends know that it will be awhile before I use the telephone. It is definitely a whole new world. I am enjoying every minute. Adam is so right in keeping a journal. And the 3 Ps. Patience being the hardest. Educating family and friends is definitely a priority. Good luck Zee!
  5. Sandy


    Adam, thanks for clarifying that for me. This is very exciting. And I tried watching tv with the volume turned up tonight and it wasn't too bad. Robotic of course but I could actually get the gist of the conversation without the closed captions. A start. I never really had high frequencies. I remember in grade school having hearing tests and being told that I didn't hear them but way back then nothing was done. I believe I now have tinnitus as well. For the past couple of days I have had a continuous sound like a church bell. It seems to be more noticeable when I take off the Rondo. Hopefully it will be temporary.
  6. Sandy


    Thanks John and Lisa. My magnet has the three symbols. I go back to my audiologist on May 27. She told me that because I had to fly back to London, they wait a month. What do you mean by ambient noise? John, how long was it before you could hear on the telephone or the television? I have started to keep a journal so I don't forget things when I see my audiologist. She also gave me a couple of practice sessions to do at home with friends. So far there are two people I am having difficulty hearing. One, her voice is very soft and i cannot hear her unless she lowers the pitch of her voice and the other, her voice is very loud and she sounds very tweety or I read her lips. All of this is so fascinating.
  7. Sandy


    Hi Everyone, just an update. My activation was this past Monday and I am loving it.! A very emotional time for me. The voices do sound robotic but was told that this will change as my brain starts remembering the sounds. I can hear! And clearly too. I cannot tell you the last time I heard a whole sentence or didn't ask someone to repeat themselves. Some of the sounds, actually most of them are high pitched like a tweeting noise. Make sense? Yesterday I drove my car and did find out I still cannot hear the passenger at this time. I wanted to experience different sounds and opened the windows in the car, talked to people. It was great. I like the Rondo; it is very light and has a small clip for your hair for safety. I don't find it too large. Regarding the magnet, I need the strongest one as the second one is not strong enough. I hope it doesn't take too long for the robotic sounds and high pitches to disappear. This is definitely a plus to my life. Anyone have questions, let me know.
  8. Sandy

    RONDO - Any Recipients?

    Hi Sid, I will be fitted with the Rondo next Monday and can't wait. John, thanks for the testimonial. Your response to how good it is, is encouraging. Will let you know how I like it next week.
  9. Sandy


    Adam, I am curious. I also have the Phonax Fm system. I purchased it with my hearing aid to be able to participate in meetings and conference calls. Is it compatible with the Med-el implant?
  10. Sandy


    I had my cochlear implant this past Monday and chose the the Rondo as it did not have the ear piece. My appointment is on April 22nd so will let you know how it works. For your information my audiologist informed me that it does have rechargeable batteries.
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