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  1. So glad all went well. The journey begins! Please keep us informed of your progress.
  2. Mary Beth, after I returned home last week everything started to echo. I wasn't totally happy with my last mapping but thought okay it's a change and it will eventually be all right. The sounds became even more high pitched last week. I also hear a low pitched rumbling noise when I drive and thought it might be a hole in the muffler. No one else heard it. I heard the same noise in my sister-in-law's car on Sunday so perhaps it's just something new I am hearing.
  3. Thanks, Mary Beth. I will bring this up next week when we meet. I know I've been told before that crossing the US/Canadian border doesn't affect the processor, but I'm still sceptical as this is the second time my processor has had this type of change.
  4. Hi Joe, like Mary Beth says, you seem to be doing great. It takes patience, practice and perseverance (our mantra - the 3Ps). Each mapping will take you a step closer. Keep react icing and enjoy the journey. We look forward to hearing more about your journey.
  5. I think my next one will be quite the session. I've been having trouble with the pitches. Everything seems so high. I've had an echoing sound for the last week and now when driving I hear this low rumbling noise. I thought it was my muffler, but also heard it in my sister-in-law's car. She didn't hear it. It's amazing the sounds we hear, that people with "normal" hearing don't. I know most is filtered background, but... I was also supposed to change the program to the next level up, but after a week of trying and being stressed, I decided to go back a step. I think some fine tuning is
  6. Ivana, thank you. That was so inspirational. Cara, good luck for n Thursday with your mapping. I go for my next one a week from Thursday.
  7. Good news Colin. Please keep us updated informed.
  8. Good luck with your surgery on Tuesday. We look forward to hearing about your journey once you have recovered.
  9. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Ivana, that which we don't let defeat us, makes us stronger. You are definitely a role model for all of us.
  10. That is great Cara. Having the implant has opened up so many possibilities for us.
  11. Okay, as promised in my email to you Kara, another WOW moment! I was at bingo the other evening and could actually hear most of the numbers being called without looking at the TV screen. Another happy dance!
  12. And here's number 3. I was playing bingo the other night and as I was leaving two women asked what was on the side of my head. I explained and they were in awe. One of the women asked if my church paid for the implant. It gives me such a feeling of accomplishment when I have these discussions with people. Imagine 3 in 2 days!
  13. Hi Joyce, welcome to Hearpeers. I'm also from Canada. As you heard from Mary Beth, you can also just chat with us on this forum. We are all here to support each other.
  14. Well, it was my week of card making convention and what fun we had! Imagine 60 women in one room. It was definitely a chatty time. Now the reasons for this post and the highlight for me. A man came up to me at the pub where we were having lunch and wanted to know how I liked the Rondo and if it helped in noisy situations better than hearing aids. He wore 2 hearing aids and had a very difficult time. We had a nice discussion and he left with lots to think about. During our dinner break that same evening a woman came up to ask about my implant. She had never met anyone who had one and ju
  15. Great news. The time will fly by.
  16. Hi Steph and welcome to Hearpeers. You have had quite a journey so far. I've had similar experiences with friends and family thinking the implant equals perfect hearing right away. I let them know that it takes baby steps and their support is crucial to my journey. You are lucky to have a supportive husband. It takes the 3 Ps - patience, practice and perseverance on everyone's part for this to be a success. Even after 2 years, I am still explaining to people. Please keep us informed of your journey. And yes, flip flops are loud.
  17. Cara, it sounds like you are progressing quite well. You will know when you are ready for the next step.
  18. It is sad that the uninformed few have the responsibility to decide who goes bilateral and who doesn't. I wonder how they would feel if the shoe was on the other foot.
  19. Good to know. Thanks for the information, Mary Beth.
  20. Good news Donna. Definitely happy dance time!
  21. Hi and welcome to Hearpeers. I don't feel anything with my implant. Adam and Ivana will be able to give you information regarding helmets. Good luck with your surgery and activation. Any more questions, please ask. We are here to support each other on this amazing journey.
  22. I would suggest using children's books for audio. I tried adult ones to start and got frustrated. Put yourself in situations you would normally avoid like restaurants, family gatherings). I had a friend read the numbers (mixed up) on cards from 1-100. Make lists of things like fruit, veggies, what's in different rooms of your house, clothing and have someone read them and you answer. But remember the the 3 Ps - patience, practice and perseverance. As Adam has said, it's a marathon not a sprint. Treat yourself kindly and take a break when you find that hearing has made you tired.
  23. I wonder if, when they get an implant, they are told about this forum. Maybe it should be brought to our audiologists' attention or maybe it should be a part of the package we get at the beginning or information from the ENT.
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