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  1. Ladies, you are so naughty! Ain't it fun
  2. Winden, you might also want to determine where you sit. I find I hear better when my CI is at the wall side. Ask not to sit close to where the kitchen is located. That happened to me the first time. Do you have a program that cuts out background sounds?
  3. Like Ivana says, patience. Take your time and enjoy. You will be amazed.
  4. I don't know about bad days. I would say frustrating after a new mapping but then it gets better. Sometimes after being in a noisy atmosphere for a long time (like days), again, frustrating but after some time but myself, it's all good. I am thankful every day that I'm making this journey. Plus we are fortunate that we have the option of tuning in or tuning out, the latter becoming less and less as time goes on.
  5. Hi Colin, that's fantastic. As Kara said, Ivana is the one who can give you info on the bonebridge. She will sign in soon and be able to answer your questions.
  6. Kara, can you just use the CI and retire the hearing aid? I find that I do quite well just with the CI.
  7. Good luck, Donna. I hope the insurance company approves your request.
  8. Cool! Hopefully, we will see and hear more birds now that the weather is starting to warm up and the snow is slowly melting.
  9. Way to go Cara! I just love those WOW moments!
  10. Oh, I do like that and those situations apply to us who have cochlear implants/bonebridge. I have often said since my implant that the world around us is so noisy and wonder why more people aren't deaf. We are lucky when it becomes too much to be able to "tune it out".
  11. I received mine at activation and keep it in my wallet.
  12. Yes, it was life changing. You have a very positive attitude Nikki. I too had low expectations and high hopes. Just remember, dreams do come true.
  13. Great advice Mary Beth. I have a pillow that's in the shape of a candy cane. Supposed to be good for my neck and back, but works good with the implant too.
  14. Sandy


    Yep, we got a huge dump again. Sun came out but still had to shovel! More expected next week! The joys of Canada. Should have stayed in Arizona a couple more weeks, the temperature is 33 degrees Celsius today. Two days of snow, Ivana. Let's trade places!
  15. Hi PW, welcome to Hearpeers.
  16. Sandy


    We will keep our fingers crossed, Kara. I know audiologists are advocating with the Ontario government so adults can go bilateral. Maybe this will be the year it happens. Yesterday was beautiful. Today we are back to snow.
  17. Elaine, I have hearing only with my CI. At first, I wore it for a couple of hours but then after a week, went to 1/2 days and then two weeks later increased the time until now, two years later, from the time I get up (5 or 6 am) until I go to bed. if I do find myself overwhelmed with sound, I give myself a break. I find I prefer to hear.
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