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  1. I get home in two days, Cara, and we've already threatened to turn around and go back if it's still snowing. We get snow usually from the end of October until end of March or even into May. If you'd like to trade places, I'm willing.
  2. Good luck Donna. Fingers crossed its approved.
  3. Mine still does this Mary Beth. It's not as annoying as it used to be, except when it's a different sound in each ear.
  4. Nikki, it all works out in the end! Just keep remembering the 3Ps!
  5. I don't believe that Cara. April Fools Day! Heading home today. The joke is on them! More snow!
  6. Hi Nikki, yes stress will trigger pain as well. Concentrate on resting and enjoy the time off. Your journey is just beginning.
  7. Hi Marjorie and welcome to Hearpeers. I was 63 when I had my implant and it was the best thing I've done. It takes a lot of work but the rewards are enormous. It changed my life. Ask as many questions as you need; one or all of us will answer. This forum is a great support for all of us.
  8. Sandy

    Battery life

    But I like it! It makes us unique and look at how much information we can pass on if it happens in a mall. Now walking by the White House, might be a different matter. I don't think the security guys would see the humour of us all walking with blinking red lights, but what a sight! Explode after dinner, Ivana! My humour for the day!
  9. I found with my Rondo I needed to point it directly at the processor. Could that be an issue?
  10. Me to! Popcorn is one of my staples! It's a food group, right (he-he)
  11. Sandy

    Battery life

    I never leave home without the! Inevitably I'm in the middle of something and it beeps. Funny when someone says your head is blinking red!
  12. Yes, Nikki, do have hope. Remember the 3Ps though - Patience, Practice and Perseverance. They've helped me through this whole journey and it's something I repeat to myself when I get frustrated.
  13. It was a great weekend but looks like the weather is changing, maybe rain today. Can't complain though as temperatures have been in the 80s since we arrived a month ago.
  14. I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised. Keep us informed and remember, we are here to support you so ask whatever you need to know.
  15. Hi Nikki, I'm glad the tinnitus is almost gone.you should take all the time you need to feel better. Keep us informed and don't forget, ask whatever questions you need.
  16. Today was a good day. We sat in the sun and although I didn't swim my usual 40 laps, it was a good swim and exercise routine. Arizona has been fun, restful and sensational to explore but I am looking forward to going home next week to see family and friends (even though there is a prediction of 15-20 cm of snow called for on the day we arrive)
  17. A very inspiring analogy, Adam. I will literally use it when I get frustrated with both my hearing and hip replacements - a marathon, not a sprint!
  18. Glad to hear the power is back on Kara! Not fun with no heat!
  19. Happy all went well, Nikki. I had tinnitus after my surgery but once I was activated, it only happened if I was stressed or drank too much coffee. Please keep us posted and good luck with your activation.
  20. Maybe because the rain cleanses everything and makes everything new and the thunderstorms represent the strength it has taken to move forward with the wonderful gift we have been given.
  21. Fantastic Adam. I just love sharing this incredible journey with people.
  22. To everyone, Happy Easter and if you are driving to visit family and friends, keep safe.
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