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  1. Hard to say - does she say anything about it? Can you ask her directly - children usually know to describe in their own words the episode which is happening to them...
  2. LOL! I have realized later that I just might create new word...:P Because, neither the almighty Uncle Google recognized it too often as a search term...
  3. Yay! This is great review - hope that many people find it useful. I am trying to finish all aspects of my review - hope I will be at least 10% eloquent as your's review is, Kara!
  4. Whoaaaauuuuhhh... Cara - great news indeed! To catch the game so fast ....:D
  5. Great idea...:) Hope is the best drug ever!
  6. Hi, It depends on - neuroplasticity. More you exercise, things will sound more natural. The aural rehabilitation is one of key element to succeed in your strive.
  7. Yes... First Batman from the other part of the world Hi Sherie - I am not a CI implantee, but just stopped by to wave you...:)
  8. How are you? Did the results of your surgery ended well?
  9. Joe - bimodal means that, at the same time, you use both a CI and a HA. But - if you used 2 devices on both sides which give you the possibility of hearing with both ear, then you are also bilateral. Bimodal does not mean that you are at the same time - bimodal, because 2 devices can be on one side. Some explanations are here: http://www.medel.com/blog/whats-the-point-of-bimodal-hearing/
  10. Great! - For some interesting reason, I find it for a crumble better than Power One. Why, their battery power is almost at maximum up to the end of their power which is extremely good. With Power One, I hear from the start of the last day that something is wrong - voices are not so strong...
  11. I would advise you to contact Hadron from this forum, or perhaps Vernucci Anthony from the unofficial FB MED-EL CI Group.
  12. One giant step for me, but a minor for humanity! - to paraphrase the famous sentence...:) - I went through the first phase of the bilateral outer ear reconstruction. This is one of the most important reasons why I have waited with a second implant: unfortunately, there is a sequence what comes before and what after.... Mary Beth and Adam followed me on that road by messaging me and supported me online.. Who could not wish such a thoughtful friends?
  13. I agree - recently I read how Einstein wrote his theory of relativity when he had more than enough of his time after he finished his duties in the patent office. I am much more modest - a good chat and fun is more than enough...;)
  14. Thank you, Megan - for your kind welcoming ticket to this interesting party. He-he... Interesting story and how the character of Batman was created but I use it mostly because of this particular detail of showing time. Can't believe it - what a tiny small world is this one... But, yes - Croatian people can be found everywhere: we are great wanderers. Just like that, I hope you'll have opportunity to visit Croatia. This part of Europe is quite interesting.... Regarding my implant status - I feel as I am reborn, but not just as human being than as a person. How much more information you can process and understand other's attitude, as well as their behaviour when you can - hear them properly. Recently I had a short episode of returning to my history, to my HA. I remember that I have dream once before - whether I have just persuaded myself that my Bonebridge is so much better or this is the real thing....? Then I got a chance to test myself - trying to communicate with my HA. Ahhh.... what a difference this was - regarding sound but also regarding the vibrations which were so hard that I craved for shutting it down... Used it only for the most essential and shortest possible communication. Also, as I am an ENT doctor, BB gave me opportunity to meet so many interesting people on various conferences all over the world: met different people, different continents (not just countries), even the developer of Soundbridge and Bonebridge, Geoffrey Ball and others. I felt a huge honor to get the opportunity to understand the world of hearing on one side trying to describe the world of silence, on the other side. My hearing loss is the consequence of a congenital syndrome which gave me bilateral atresia combined with microtia regarding hearing issues. As well as you, I do not have memory of how is it really to hear a certain sound, but I cherish music a lot, and this I would miss at most... I guess. My decision for implant was pure necessity so I could continue to work. With a digital hearing aid, I was only half functional - it tired me a lot because of constant hearing fatigue which arouse almost each afternoon. I have constant urge to shut it off - I knew this wasn't right. When I wore it, I imagined how it would be great just not have it at all.... How did you decide for your implantation? How come it wasn't earlier? I came here in order to find someone whom I could talk about Bonebridge, but it actually continued in much more different way. I got interested for the world of CI when I started to read lines of my friends, their observations partly guided me on my way toward better hearing as I didn't have someone just like me; on the other hand, I have started to develop my professional interest for CIs which has now prolonged into part of my afterwork activities of helping in an association of CI's implantees. Like it a lot - so much ideas. This enriched my life - we all, secretly, ask for some elementary answers or understanding in our lives: hearing people, no matter how compassionate they could be - can not understand that but are those who participate in our treatments, research activities etc. It's time for hearing impaired people to stand for themselves...:) Ok... Rambled a lot - I guess I slept extremely well...
  15. Yes! - Great reminder Mary Beth!
  16. Arghhh... I have potentials in some of wildest and weirdest hobbies - (re)thinking (and philosophizing) is one of them although today sadly forgotten or not used as well as these arts should be.
  17. Yeah... it is amazing how hearing research can be so intriguing as well as fun...
  18. Hello Megan, Writing you from the other part of the Globe - Europe is my playground and Croatia is my homeland where I live and work I usually jump into the pool while you're sleeping or going in the bed so my posts appear just like Batman wrote them I am not a CI than a bone conduction implantee - Bonebridge which is also one of the Med-ELs product from the portfolio. I am moderately bilaterally hearing impaired since birth grew up and made my whole education with one HA which has distinguished place in my heart for giving me opportunity to function almost as the normal person. On the other side, my Bonebridge gave me a completely new dimension of understanding and enjoying my everyday life as well as enjoying to work. I got chance to meet incredible people in real as well as people here at the forum who became my friends by supporting me in my lonely days. To quote Kara: we smiled, laughed and supported each other - we learn by reading our experiences and talking about them... We understand our utmost feelings and fears on that feeling....:) Time for bed! mine...
  19. Hi Lemi, Excuse me, I was absent for awhile from the forum. I will try to answer your questions. 1) telemetry is absolutely important, it shows that electrodes work as well as the implant; 2) electrocochleography is not necessary - at least, there are various balance tests even more informative; 3) surgeons are divided here - some of them use the facial nerve monitor, some of them don't. Mostly, it is used for an uninterrupted surgical follow-up because there are certain episodes where your facial nerve can be affected for a short period of time but not in a way that it is permanently damaged: this surgeon than doesn't know the work which has to be done;
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