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  1. Well, they have just add a direct link toward our forum, but I think - that' s the point; not separating us than connecting us. If there is possibility to add sort of translation service like in FB where almost any language can be translated into a domicile one.... This would be great... [emoji1] Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. Italian... Well, I have never learnt it (sorry MB [emoji4]), but some elementary level is pretty much understandable - not too fast, more like sort of song... Inspite of that, it is pretty understandable language for a person like me... Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. The other observation goes in the direction of German/Austrian language... Pretty everything is here clear and understandable as German language is strict, without much of thick accents except some local like Schwäbisch. The main difficulty is the speed of the pronounciation of their language - they talk really fast. Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
  4. Ugh, thus is a very good topic Adam [emoji4] To me, the most understandable accent is - the American [emoji39] After that comes - English. Scotish, Walsh'es and, particularly - Northern Irish: it' s a death sentence for me. Also, I remember - Australian is also a pain in the brain... I guess this is the matter of how much opportunity you had to listen them. As most of movies on our market are from the U.S., I guess it is understandable... but on the other side, my particular type of hearing loss has never allowed to me to pay attention regarding all words. At the same time, I have learnt English as a foreign language - this helped me to learn how to understand even pretty complex words. For instance, try to pronounce word CHOIR if you never heard it... On the other side, our grammar was very strict - the Cambridge+Oxford's.... In Croatia, English was never learnt like in India - either you had learnt it and you know it, either you do not understand it at all... there is no strange pronounciation, or short abbreviation. Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
  5. So Cara - have you had opportunity to play a little bit with your hearing toys?
  6. Hello Jannine, I am feeling sorry because you experience unexpected pain - do you take any pain relief medication? Postoperative day 4 is still early on your healing way, as you have observed you have and will have oedematous temporal flap for at least a month. Perhaps, it was not well described to you but, essentialy the BB implantation is cortical mastoidectomy. I can not tell - "it is nothing...", although - everybody responds individually... For instance, I did not have any pain at all (but I am little bit awkward example). I am a unilateral BB implantee, 3,5 years up to now. My advice to you is to take a plenty of rest, try to exercise a bit (it did help to me), take a pain relief medication... If I may ask you, what is your "hearing loss history", how did you hear for and made your choice for BB?
  7. Hello Tracey - from Croatia, Just a quick note, if I have understood you well - you are bilaterally hearing impaired to the extent that BB would not be an efficient solution unless just one ear is not involved. If you had just single-sided-deafness, you might be able to use BB -but with 2 ears...,
  8. Hello Lisabeth, Can you describe little bit more specifically - what exactly happens? You do not hear anything at all? Or you have different sounds.... It would be great if you can conduct some basic tests which would tell more about the function of your Eustachian tube and middle ear - how does this affect....
  9. Hello Teresa Can you tell us more about yourself... We like to hang here and to share any information which might help any member here... Ask as much as you need - we know many tricks...;)
  10. Hard to say - does she say anything about it? Can you ask her directly - children usually know to describe in their own words the episode which is happening to them...
  11. LOL! I have realized later that I just might create new word...:P Because, neither the almighty Uncle Google recognized it too often as a search term...
  12. Yay! This is great review - hope that many people find it useful. I am trying to finish all aspects of my review - hope I will be at least 10% eloquent as your's review is, Kara!
  13. Whoaaaauuuuhhh... Cara - great news indeed! To catch the game so fast ....:D
  14. Great idea...:) Hope is the best drug ever!
  15. Hi, It depends on - neuroplasticity. More you exercise, things will sound more natural. The aural rehabilitation is one of key element to succeed in your strive.
  16. Yes... First Batman from the other part of the world Hi Sherie - I am not a CI implantee, but just stopped by to wave you...:)
  17. How are you? Did the results of your surgery ended well?
  18. Joe - bimodal means that, at the same time, you use both a CI and a HA. But - if you used 2 devices on both sides which give you the possibility of hearing with both ear, then you are also bilateral. Bimodal does not mean that you are at the same time - bimodal, because 2 devices can be on one side. Some explanations are here: http://www.medel.com/blog/whats-the-point-of-bimodal-hearing/
  19. Great! - For some interesting reason, I find it for a crumble better than Power One. Why, their battery power is almost at maximum up to the end of their power which is extremely good. With Power One, I hear from the start of the last day that something is wrong - voices are not so strong...
  20. I would advise you to contact Hadron from this forum, or perhaps Vernucci Anthony from the unofficial FB MED-EL CI Group.
  21. One giant step for me, but a minor for humanity! - to paraphrase the famous sentence...:) - I went through the first phase of the bilateral outer ear reconstruction. This is one of the most important reasons why I have waited with a second implant: unfortunately, there is a sequence what comes before and what after.... Mary Beth and Adam followed me on that road by messaging me and supported me online.. Who could not wish such a thoughtful friends?
  22. I agree - recently I read how Einstein wrote his theory of relativity when he had more than enough of his time after he finished his duties in the patent office. I am much more modest - a good chat and fun is more than enough...;)
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