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  1. Of course - audio and visual cortex are very near and alert each other. Alo, they help each other by shortening the time of the reaction. Well, I meant on very subtle balance changes, for instance - if you're hearing impaired person you can't hear properly every sound around you and brain uses inputs from all sided, and especially comparing sounds from both ears so it can adjust itself in the space... Very interesting matter...
  2. Hi again - Valentin, You raised some pretty interesting questions here...;) Well, it is hard to compare the longevity of the batteries between the users because different implantees have different hearing maps; working time depends on this a lot.
  3. As a research fellow, I guess you should make a designation what type of implantees are needed for the research.
  4. Hi Dave - how it was? What is your opinion on this matter...?
  5. Hope you will girls, there are some theories that people who are hard of hearing has balance issues - but only because they were missing their hearing inputs. On the subtle level. Everyone could profit of that approach...;)
  6. Huh, patience is one of the essential attitude to work on restituting your hearing - this is not just a switch on accident than a process....;)
  7. Hi Valentin, Just for the records I will rewrite it - I use Power One and Rayovac, BUT for the Bonebridge.
  8. Dear U.S. crew - I wish you a pleasant Thanksgiving Day! I grew up watching the American movies about this important holiday for you - for my people, it will be the Christmas. Also, radio-guy shocked us that at one high-way near L.A. passed 49 millions vehicles to get their homes! Everyone of us can be proud on our decision but also for participating here to help those who are coming behind us. In a world where we live, people usually forget the importance of little things in their lives. In Denmark this is called - hygge rituals. However - have a great dinner today!
  9. Well girls - pardon me for jumping into the pool, perhaps you can make a guide for (re)starting yoga exercises after the implantation... I am pretty sure this could be helpful to a bunch of people...;)
  10. Hello Cara, Glad to see that you're ok now. I haven't been here for awhile... I went for a surgery also - as a predecessor of my possible bilateral implantation. So, it was very interesting to read few lines about your bilateral hearing experience. As for the "reaction" - I am not sure it was allergic reaction because, at first, you didn't react on the antihistamine; secondly, reaction was way to late after the surgery... I suspect that it was definitely kind of a reaction, most likely something you touched because you reacted to the prednisone.... Anyway, glad you had such a great switching on the second system Hope for reading more of your observations about bilateral experience....:P
  11. Mary Beth - this is an excellent advice, it would never crossed my mind...
  12. Hello Dave, Welcome to the Hearpeers. You should be more specific - you ask if you will need headphones after the implantation in which particular moment? Hope you are aware of the process of aural rehabilitation you will have to go through after the implantation in order to achieve wanted level of speech understanding. This is tiring process but - fruitful. Only, you need to have enough patience to endure whole process...
  13. Well.. ok, but right now you do not actually need such a strong MF for a decent diagnostic research...;)
  14. I hope so, because this sounds like someone found long-time forgotten model at the bottom of closet. - Is it unopened? Great! - It can be useful....:P
  15. Ouch... Ok, I do not like this news... Hoping everything will pass well... Thinking on you!
  16. Also thinking for some time - where did you disappeared, only catching myself at the same mouse trap Great news!!! Will keep my fingers crossed - again.
  17. Still they are here for you - not the other way...
  18. It is safer to perform a surgery with a facial nerve monitor. Otherwise, it depends on a surgeon. Some of them feels they do not need them, some do need... However, it is safer in the situation where facial nerve does not have a standard trajectory.
  19. Synchrony was also tested at the strength of magnetic field of 7T and nothing has happened...:)
  20. I was not aware at all that it hit your town, Adam...
  21. Hope everything went well.. and your kid feel good and jumping around...:)
  22. Combi 40+? You must be joking... - This internal part belongs to a history... http://www.medel.com/history/
  23. Hello Andy, In general, tinnitus is a symptom of hearing loss or brain's lack of hearing and then it is created devil's loop. When you'll get outer stimulus - things will be significantly better.
  24. Hello Lemi, I have also read your struggles for hearing in Nigeria - I am from Croatia, a small European country which also has a limited access to hearing implants but Med-EL is not really responsible for that, our insurances are...:( You have to understand that well experienced CI surgeon needs to be paid - why do you say that you should be in foreign country up to 3 months after the implantation? In general, I am pretty convinced that you could return after 7 days to your country. Bigger problem is, actually, postimplant aural rehabilitation and tuning of the processor which, I believe, not well accessible in Nigeria (beside a well-experienced surgeon).
  25. Hello Valtf - and welcome Please read our library - there are all kind of Q&A, but if you feel you need some clarifications: we're here for you We'll try to be as accurate as it is possible..
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