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    Matt -


    You're right; everyone recovers differently. But this is about the same kind of recovery as my last "outpatient" surgery 13 years ago for a hernia repair. Some of us recover more slowly to anesthesia, since I knew that the modest earache would abate. For me, it's slower than for some others.




    Matt is right - take your time. Your body one day will just say: Ok, now we are recharged.

    I am energetic person but 3 years ago I was quite surprised when I had to have almost 10 days of recovery from minor surgery.

    Just - take your time...Wink




    PowerOne® has rechargeable p675 ACCU plus batteries and a charger.  After doing a little more research, it appears that they do not have the power needed  for implants.  (1.2v vs. 1.4v; 74mAh vs. 570mAh).


    Correct, I use it for standard HA+ vibrator. Wink


    Ivana it is tough to pinpoint which company has the best or longest lasting as it really depends on the recipient and their power needs. For example if you use an ALD like an FM reciever, the power requirement is much higher so you will go through batteries much quicker. I have tried a few companies and kept the power needs about the same for each and I really have not seen much of a difference. even between the cheap store brand and the expensive like duracell. That being said, i just go with what is on sale or a little cheaper.

    Fair enough...though I could see a difference - well, best usually means the best battery by capacity for the end user, isn't it?

    For instance, tehere are numerous batteries which has various usefulness of battery - it is not same whether battery provides full capacity (even by cost of shorter duration) from start or last longer but the capacity is not like the previous one.

    For instance, for my present HA I need a lot of power because there is also a vibrator which has to be powered at some way - so you have 2 devices not only once. If battery is low by capacity I can hear sound but I can not understand it quite well.

  4. Hi everybody,

    which company you like at most? Although, this is not specific experience of CI or other implant (still;) - I have tried a lot of companies and find Rayovac and Duracell as best. Long lasting capacity was always the best between these 2 companies.



    I'm so sad today, the surgeon don't want to implant me the Bonebridge, he said it will be impossible after to have IRM exams, but he want to make a BAHA. I'm not sure it is a good decision, because I think the Bonebridge is better for hearing. I'll try to have another advice for this.

    I fear the reason is money, because the Bonebridge is not validated by health organisation in France.



    Hi Aurelie,


    it is not still clear whether BB is acoustically better or not. BAHA has some advantages - major disadvantage is percutaneous access. From my experience, people who wear BAHA is not psychologically overwhelmed by sticked implant like patient possibly is at first.

    You said that for you BAHA is acoustically much better experience - try with it.


    On the other hand, try to find some organization or better doctor who work more intensive with MED-EL - possibly there are some other ways of getting the device.


    Who pay for BAHA in France? Your health insurance cover it? The expense is not much more - we were told that roughly BB costs twice of the expense of BAHA. Is possibly VSB covered? Although the expense is nearly same (BB vrs. VSB), VSB is better known product.


    I am confirming - Oticon is better looking model.

  6. Few days ago I have read (and still am reading some posts of various peers of the forum) how second implant made a big change.

    As a person from both worlds (professional and patient) can you please try to explain to me that because in scientific community

    is conducted a discussion about purpose and necessity of bilateral implanting but our health insurance companies are not willing to accept positive sides of bilateral implantation. They use to say: "Oh it is just because of sound direction..." or something like that. If I have not mistaken, few people wrote that speech and music recognition is much better when you are bilateral?

    How do you feel that? How much is your quality of life raised? Etc...



    Awesome news Terry.

    Sensory overload is fun isn't it? Have you heard things yet that you couldn't identify only to realise that it's a sound from long ago?

    Have a great anniversary.

    Hi funny enough my wife has a musical jewellery box,not that we have anything of value, in fact the box is probably worth more than the contents but i was in another room over the weekend heard what i thought was our door bell couldnt figure out what it was and eventually realised it was my wife opening the box briefly, but that split second of noise registered something from my past and what i find fascinating is how much information the human brain must retain over the years,if i had my life over again i would certainly pay more attention in school and go into science especially about our hearing mechanism.


    It is never too late... ;)

    "Space: the final frontier...to boldly go where no man has gone before."


  8. Well, few days ago there was one news how one penguin got on sand of Australia and it want to go back home - to Antarctic...:)

    Hope this will fill the emptiness of penguin box...;)


    If everything go fluent there is no reason for getting dizzy, you are a little bit sleepy because of anaesthetics but otherwise this is it.

    Pain killers are totally ok and you should not feel pain. Hair is growing fast, scar is remodelling at least 6 months. Than you can say - ok, this is it.

    I it allowed to treat it locally but patience is best cure.


    Hi Ivana, Yes, the louder it was the more distorted things were and still are a bit but not as bad. I had it rejusted last Tues, but will return again in 2 weeks to have it tweaked again. It was loud and distorted. The loudness allowed me to hear things clearly from a distance that I believe others couldn't hear well, but the closer to the sound I was the more distorted it became. (All very stressful and draining to listen too.) The best I can describe it is, as if someone was talking through plastic wrap against their lips. It has improved greatly since turning down the high tones (as I had mentioned in an earlier post, I have no real trouble with) and turning the lower tones to a level that is loud enough but doesn't distort. On the next visit we will explore the exact frequencies that need to be lifted or lowered to remove the distortion and bring the whole to a normal level. I still marvel at things I can hear now and am looking forward to more.


    Nice explained - keep us posted. I was told that I will need 1 tuning and 2 highly unlikely. Now I can see this is not a case like that.



    Sorry, I can not find what is the nature of your deafness?

  10. I have mentioned those from my list when I needed it before 10 years and I have to admit I was surprised when I have seen that there is no big changes. Interesting however.


    To me, an inspiration to find a stethoscope for myself was one american kid, Scott if I remember well who graduated medicine 10 or so years before and he is almost or anacustic totally. CNN investigated about him and his, some kind of - tactile stethoscope.


    Hi Janine, I am a BB recipient implanted April 25 and was activated on May 10th. I'm glad they started you off at a softer sound level. Mine was set louder than it should have been and made me wonder why I did this ... Like I needed yet another hole in the head ... Ha ha . Anyway I've been back last Tues and had things adjusted and what a wonderful difference! There will still be some adjustments needed along the way I gather but now I'm actually enjoying my new sense. As for the batteries, the ones that came with mine have lasted a 6-7 days so far, but then it's only been 13 days ... I'll be checking out different brands soon. Have a great day!


    Hi Kelly, can you please explain what bothered you because your device was set louder - did sound'voices was/were distorted or just generally to loud?

  12. I have heard for transparent masks a long time ago - although I have never seen them in action.

    This means that depends on interest.

    I believe this should not be a rocket science to develop them but to get them - economical obstacle is more present than ever.


    EDIT: By googling, I have googled "clear surgical mesks" and found that patent exists along time ago when Mr. Skip Carlson invented a clear surgical mask because his daughter feared a lot of dentists. Than Kimberly an Clark bought patent but never used it. AMPHL wrote about this on their website. At the present, Next-Gen Co. released their product.

  13. Recently we discussed about what we do for a living at it seems that high percentage of us are in the health section.


    I will add here all types stethoscope for which existence I know. Please add your suggestions:


    1. Cardionics visual stethoscope & E-scope.

    2. Andromed ?

    3. 3M Littmann 3200 + Zagris software, over BT technology possible to visualize heart and pulmo sound on laptop. Funcionality unknown

    4. Stethographics solution.

    5. Starkey (as to my knowledge) is discontinued.


  14. To Matt&Karen,


    I was very curious as a child and am still trying to be. This was not my intention at first (actually I was 17 when I decided to become a doctor. I had a very supportive parents who gave me all support I needed. They never told me what to do specifically - just be yourself.

    I am a great supporter of science but also believe that God has plan for each of us. I can coordinate both lines as a grown up person - nothing is happening without reason and without God support like, for instance, solutions for us - hard of hearing people.


    More specifically, I have an electronically adjusted stethoscope - by Starkey modified by one great person who adjusted all my hearing aids which gave me all possibility I needed for life - but now it is time to say goodbye. BB is waiting.

    I knew for Littman from the start but we did not know whether it will be possible to connect it, so I went with Starkey.

    I have found even better - more "trekkie" model by Stethographics, a company from Boston who developed a way how to contact an electronically adjusted stethoscope with a hearing aid and handheld computer like iPaq. I do not know what is happening with this company but it was a nice idea - stets picked sound which you could hear on hearing aid but also ypu could see on device.


    About surgical masks... transperent masks were even before available - from the financial point of view possibly more expensive so I guess it can be ordered on demand.





    CONGATULATIONS on your activation. Usually the audi starts you out at a lower level then builds up over 4 weeks or so. Everything will sound louder but then over the week it will start to get softer as your brain adjusts.

    Kind of like in cooking when you temper say milk and eggs to make custard.

    What you have to do is add a little of the VERY hot milk to the eggs at a time. If you add all the milk at once, it would be way too much and scramble the eggs. adding a little at a time will gradually increase the temps, then you will be able to dump in the rest.

    I think the mapping is the same way. If they started with the volume where it will eventually be, that would be too much for our brain to handle.

    Are you saying your brain is like custard?


    Matt - funny...;)

  16. Matt,


    how come that you were tested but not recommended HA at first and actually never used HA and after all became CI candidate even before that?

    What are requirements to become a CI candidate in your country?





    why did you needed so many surgeries?

  17. Hi Matt,


    I am a doctor, as pre lingually hard of hearing person I can not say that something or someone could stop me although it would be a lie if I tell that people did not tried. But it is their problem which they would have no matter what - they would find something else.


    So, basically, my hearing loss did not altered my choice of career but when I became more conscious what life is I have tried to find specialty where hearing is not essential. I am lucky enough that my dream job was - to became ENT does not require stethoscope but not because I need to use it (I had an electronically adjusted stethoscope) than the possibility that someone needs me and I can not help him/her because my hearing aid malfunctioned. It is not just legal matter - it is an ethical matter. This was my greatest nightmare.


    At my present job, I can stated very clearly that some people are underestimating me, some has changed their opinion and altered their way of behaviour because they realised that I am not stupid - I just can not hear them properly. I have to say that I felt huge approval by large proportion of people when they realised what is real cause of problem. It was hard but situation is getting better.

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