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  1. 5 hours ago, Adamfit said:

    I always carry batteries with me. I squeeze every last drop of energy from them before changing. :)


    Although it seems we are cheap niggards(?), I do this too. At least, up to the moment I can not function :D 

  2. 6 hours ago, Adamfit said:

    I think I have tried just about every battery out there. Haven't really seen a big difference in any of them


    I have experimented like that before - with my hearing aid and have found out that I am quite satisfied with best brands so - why bother myself more: I just look for a brand at which I am the most confident of.

  3. Well, usual progress of the hearing curve of severe hearing loss goes from the field of high toward those with low (bass) frequencies. 

    As long as it is useful, natural hearing is tried to be preserved or at least fulfill with what left of hearing from the other ear. Natural is natural, but only up to the point when it functions. With time even these traces of hearing will be lost and then an implanted ear should be possible to take over that function while the neuroplasticity gets its swing during the long and perplexed way of the hearing rehabilitation. 

  4. 7 hours ago, Newhearing 2015 said:

    I have read that med el tries it's hardest to preserve the cochlea as much as possible because of future advancements. Such as stem cell therapy for hair cell regeneration. Which will render a CI obsolete. So I appreciate hearing that from med el. 

    Well, everybody try to be as quiet as can be if we had to let the elephant into the glass room...

    Med-El co-operates in the research programs of future bio-engineering of hearing celks especially but - there is still a long way in front all of us...

  5. 1 hour ago, Adamfit said:

    My guess, and just a guess, is that since it is tied into the processor, it will have to go through FDA approval. Look at how long we have been waiting for the 2nd mic

    Huh... Hope not - wouldn't it be like the FDA didn't approve the Finetuner at same time as the implant... Will keep my fingers crossed, because Audiolink still hasn't shown up anywhere...

  6. 7 hours ago, Mary Beth said:

    Sometimes I notice a decrease in sound quality right before the batteries die, and sometimes I don't.  Now I follow a schedule to change batteries so that never happens any more.

    I usually squeeze mine as much as I can and I enjoy by doing it. At the end volume start dropping within 5-7 minutes during which period I prepare another battery.

    Still haven't stumble to an awkward situation...

  7. 51 minutes ago, Adamfit said:


    do you have a cochlear implant? I don't believe we have met. I have been out of the loop for a bit. Feel free to share as much or as little as you would like. 

    You Bionic buddy,


    Your famous welcome - now I know, you are here to stay! :D

  8. 3 hours ago, Adamfit said:

    i am doing very well new hearing. Pretty excited that I might make the year mark without a surgery. Sept. 2nd will be a full year with no hospitalizations or surgery. I haven gone over a year in over 16 years. Could use a break.

    Huh... This was pretty tight schedule... If you just throw a coin on the side - you'd be a rich man. Well... You're now - with life experience. I remember last year: me, learning for my board exam and you in the hospital - waiting patiently what will happen...:(

  9. 44 minutes ago, Adamfit said:

    Yep, I have missed birthdays, anniversaries, holidays...pretty much any special occasion you can think of.

    we just have to be very thankful for the knowledgable doctors and technology which keeps us ticking. 

    On that note, THANK YOU IVANA for all you do for your community, and MED-EL. Without you, I wouldn't have the gift of hearing that I do. Granted, I could go to another company but why not settle for the best

    Ouch Adam - ☺️

    I was just watchin' the house while you were wandering around. ?

    Regarding Med-El - I agree. My decision to go for an implant was one of best decisions in my life. It wasn't easy but it was wortwhile - actually, just this afternoon I made decision what should do further with my engineer. It's never-ending story...;)

  10. 3 hours ago, Adamfit said:

    They are not completely waterproof. A little prevention on our part can go a long way. I lost my ear gear ( haven't bought) new ones yet. If I am going to be in any type of moisture for a while, I will just take them off? 

    I know they aren't there is another topic where I further clarified the difference between waterproof and waterresistance...

    quite fascinating how manufacturers sometimes complicate the situation :)

    I know, I know... For greater good. :)

  11. Can you imagine how I felt as a junior resident when I saw a girl with a CI whispering to hers dad`s ear which I couldn`t?

    I was just on the start of discovering this fascinating world - Alice in the Wonderland....^_^

    What your surgeon has been talking about is distant future - it is a great question what will not be able to reconstruct in the future - a distant one. But, it is better to focus now at the present - experienced CI users testify that they even do not see a difference. It is possible. There are people who hear better and those who can not here everything although there is nothing wrong with their hearing... It`s a matter of focus. ;)

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